Celebrating PURE Café on National Coffee Day!

September 29 is National Coffee Day and here at PURE we are excited to celebrate with a delicious cup of PURE Café. This mocha-flavored drink is a great way to wake up and slim down, but there are other delicious ways to use it throughout the day.

PURE Café, when added to sweet or bold tasting ingredients, can create a flavor combination that is delicious. The coffee/mocha flavor complements meat, soups, desserts and more.

Delicious ways to get your PURE Café fix:

  • Create an espresso/hot chocolate drink
  • Add PURE Café to a favorite chili or beef stew recipe
  • Create a rub for a coffee-crusted beef tenderloin or chicken
  • Marinate bacon in a mixture of PURE Café, brown sugar, molasses and chili powder for a BLT (bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich) that is totally buzz-worthy
  • Add PURE Café to brownie mix for a bite-sized midday snack
  • Make this tasty granola: Mix 3 packets of PURE Café with ½ cup of hot water and ¼ cup honey. Add ½ cup coconut oil and stir. Pour this over 5 cups of rolled oats and mix well. Cook for 4 hours in a crockpot on low, stirring every half hour. Add ½ cup dark chocolate, mix and place on cookie sheet to cool. Cool and store in an airtight container.

PURE Café contains garcinia cambogia to help suppress appetite and B vitamins to increase energy and support mental clarity.* It is also rich in antioxidants to help your body fight internal and external toxins. Bioperine, a black pepper extract, enhances the absorption of essential nutrients. Each cup of PURE Café delivers 155mg of natural sources of caffeine.

Today is a great day to introduce PURE Café to your coffee-loving friends and family. Share a cup with them and let them experience the great benefits of this delicious coffee drink.

How do you enjoy PURE Café? Share your recipes with us at http://livepure.com/recipe-submission.


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