Reflecting on 9/11

Today, on the seventeenth anniversary of 9/11, Patriot Day, we remember the tragic events, loss of life and the profound effect on people’s lives.  We remember the 2,977 people whose lives were stolen, their families, and the many, many others who were injured, or who suffered long-term health effects due to the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

For me, this event was personal as it happened in my country and in the city in which I was born. I believe that 9/11 changed us all.

Not only do we mourn our losses, but we celebrate our fortitude and our passion for positive change. As Americans, we have a strong resolve not to yield when adversity strikes. We unite as a nation not to be cowed, but instead to push forward. Patriot Day reminds me of the great dedication we have as a community, and a country.

The American people are famous for the unity embodied by our flag and in our love of country. We are blessed that in adversity, we come together in strength.

Today, we shall spend a moment in silence together to remember those who lost their lives, and to offer gratitude for those who work to make our lives better.

Jennifer Evans
PURE Marketing Copywriter

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