How well do you know PURE: People United Reaching Everyone?

In celebration of National Trivia Day, we’ve compiled some interesting tidbits about PURE. Can you guess which ones are true and which are false?


  1. Skin Defense is a better alternative to hand sanitizer because it’s alcohol-free and is not drying to the skin.
  2. Astaxanthin, an ingredient in GPS Adapt, is what gives flamingos and salmon their pink color.
  3. The chia seeds in Mila have more omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant food.
  4. PURE’s Wellness Advisory Board consists of an anesthesiologist, a rheumatologist, a surgeon, a molecular biochemist, a dermatologist and a pharmacist.
  5. You can eat unlimited dill pickles on the PURE Detox.
  6. Just a few sips of PURE Perk is all it takes to get you going in the morning.
  7. Mila contains more calcium than skim milk.
  8. PURE was founded in 2008.
  9. The ingredient Cat’s Claw in Cleanse comes from a plant that is named after its claw-shaped thorns.
  10. SleepTrim, CalciuMK+ and GPS Reset can all help you get quality sleep.
  11. The black color of EarthWater comes from fulvic and humic acids.
  12. ENERGY contains more caffeine than PURE Café or PURE Perk.
  13. Cleanse, Daily Build, ENERGY and GoYin are featured in the 2018 Physicians’ Desk Reference
  14. In just the past three weeks, PURE Facebook has reached over 20,000 people!
  15. PURE CEO Daren Hogge’s favorite food is sushi.

Surprise! These are all true statements. Did we stump you on any of them?

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