Meet IBOs Ron and Jill Grieve

Ron and Jill started their journey with PURE in September of 2017. They saw the opportunity as a way to improve their family’s health and their finances. They envisioned a way to take some of the pressure off Ron who was the sole income earner, while allowing Jill to homeschool their two boys.

After taking products by PURE, they began to experience more energy and realized how good they felt. They were more than excited! While consuming the products and making healthy lifestyle choices, Jill lost 15 pounds after one month and a total of 30 pounds by the end of 3 months, which she has maintained for over a year.* This followed an ischemic stroke Jill suffered in 2014, when she was only 38.   

Jill participated and completed PURE’s Detox program and is a proud member of Team28.  She attributes the community of support and the Detox Guide as  invaluable components to her long-term success.

By simply introducing others to PURE’s community and opportunity, and by helping them get started on their health journey, the Grieves are now earning a residual income!

“It is turning out to be everything we had hoped for! Deciding to get started with PURE: People United Reaching Everyone has truly been one of the best decisions for our family! My biggest piece of advice to anyone wanting to become part of this family is to always stay positive, stay connected with your leaders who have gone before you, and stay focused! Having a no-quit attitude is important, regardless of what you are looking to achieve!”

When asked what her favorite product by PURE is, Jill replied, “I love it all but I will say that one time we ran out of Daily Build (liquid) and noticed a big difference in how we felt. We won’t let that happen again!”


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*Individual results may vary. PURE 7-Day and 28-Day Detox Programs lower your calorie intake and suggest physical activity for best results. Share the plans with your doctor if you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications prior to use.