Invest in silver, invest in your team

Are you up for a spring challenge – one that will set you on the path to a lustrous, shining, silver lining? Join Sprint to Silver and watch your team explode!

From March 26 through April 29, we’re giving $75 to any IBO or Bronze Director who obtains the rank of Silver Director or above. If they reobtain Silver rank a second time, they’ll get $50, for a total of $125! That’s on top of all the other bonuses you may already receive.*

The common metaphor, “silver lining,” connotes hope, optimism and comfort. It is something that is attainable and usually right around the corner, if you look hard enough. Find that silver lining for yourself and your customers.

We encourage you to achieve Silver as quickly as you can. Reaching Silver puts you that much closer to being able to take advantage of all the bonuses PURE has to offer. Reaching Silver will also help create growth in your team and help you earn residual income. It’s where you want to be.

Tips for reaching Silver:

  • Plug into your upline leader. Talk to them, ask them questions and share comments. They’ve walked in your footsteps and have the resources you need to succeed. Work with them and climb to heights that you never thought possible.
  • Track progress. Anyone who has successfully reached their goals knows the importance of tracking their progress. It helps you stay focused, it puts things into small, doable tasks, and it lets you see which activities give the best results.
  • Have and share a mantra. Mantras can lead to transformation. It’s like starting a new habit. Speak your mantra every day; each repetition brings you closer to success. For example: “This year is my turning point. From here on out, I am taking consistent action to change my life. My life will never be the same.”
  • Take advantage of social media. Build morale, create camaraderie and form new relationships. Share how these products improved your family’s wellness.

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” You are in the business of growing and developing the skills of your people.

If you want more, Sprint to Silver! Attune your mind to abundance today and drive yourself and your team to new heights.

That silver lining is waiting for YOU. We can’t wait to see what great things you will accomplish this month.

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