PURE blog casting call

It’s your turn to be authors … to have your stories and articles and have them published on the PURE blog! This is a community that reaches thousands of like-minded individuals. You are the foundation of this great company and your voice matters.

You may be asking, what’s in it for me? Your contributions will be read by thousands of subscribers. By sharing your expertise to the field, you’ll become a trusted authority. You will build relationships and you’ll increase your fan list. We hope you’ll have fun, too!

What to write about: 

  • What are your favorite products by PURE and how do you use them?
  • Has a product (s) changed your life? In what way?
  • How has PURE helped you personally and/or professionally?
  • How is your business changing lives?
  • Do you have a favorite business tool that has helped your business?
  • Share favorite business tips that have worked for you.
  • Share something unique you do in your life.

Writing your article. Some helpful tips and suggestions:

  • Jot down a few points before you start writing.
  • Include bulleted lists and subheadings. You’ll catch your reader’s attention.
  • Create an inviting headline.
  • Include a short bio with your name, rank and a photo of yourself or a photo represents your submission.

Last points: 

PURE will make necessary edits, as well as determine what we post to our blog. Send your submissions to jevans@livepure.com. If your submission is accepted, we will notify you with a tentative publication date. Posts that are off topic or non-compliant will not be accepted. And please don’t submit or claim content that isn’t yours to post. We will try our best to use all submissions.

Happy writing!