UNITE Recap from a Strawberry


Freshly rinsed and feeling plumper than ever, I burst through the double doors of the Delta Hotel to get the crowd of IBOs pumped up for UNITE! Arms are flailing, high-fives are lining up down the hallway, the anticipation building steadily; I could feel the electricity in the air. No one had any clue why I was there, but that was alright. They would soon know the real reason that this crazy Strawberry was waltzing down the hallway.


At last, the venue doors of Terrell Hall open and the event commences, glowing eyes and hopeful aspirations all around from those looking to learn and experience what was truly in-store for them and their business. What knowledge could they grasp onto? How many of my teammates will I see? What cool products will PURE unveil? How could I get the one-up for my business? Being a Strawberry on the outside looking in, I could tell all these cheerful folks were ready to take on the world and I was loving the vibe.


I walk 5 steps to my left and get asked what I was doing here? I told them to come follow me. We frolicked down the hallway to a giant green food truck (my home) where I showed them what items we had on our exclusive UNITE menu…then I busted out the Blender Bike. My prized possession. I had never seen such a complicated look of shock, confusion and giddiness in my entire life on this person’s face.


Next thing you know, boom, I grab a blending vessel filled with a pink liquid from the food truck, attach it to the front of my beloved Blender Bike, and pedal full throttle, sending the pink liquid into a vortex of frothiness. Slowing down, the deed was done. Shake complete. I pour my new friend a small cup of this thick pink blended liquid and WALA…they fell in love.


“This Strawberry Shake is incredible! I’m going to have my friends and team try this too!” History was made in this exact moment. The first-ever IBO had tasted our 360 Complete Strawberry Shake. From this moment on, nothing but sheer chaos ensued in front of my home…I mean food truck.


The first session of speakers had just ended in Terrell Hall and the IBO flood had broken through the double-door levee. Word around town was that 360 Complete Strawberry Shake was available to sample and the flood migrated toward the bright green food truck. To the bike I went!


Equipped with endless strawberry shake mixes and blending vessels, this Strawberry was biking like Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France (before being busted with PEDs) to blend all these shakes. For some reason, people acted like they had never seen a giant Strawberry before, so I was getting photos and videos taken all around me like paparazzi. All in a day’s work!


UNITE Attendees were also asking about our other new flavor on the menu, Limited Edition PURE Perk Salted Caramel! And just how the Strawberry Shake craze started, as did the Salted Caramel coffee bonanza. At this point, we were ready for it! More biking, more blending, more photos, more muscle gains on my Strawberry quads. Again, all in a day’s work.


Once the next session inside Terrell Hall started and everyone already received their Strawberry Shake and Salted Caramel fix, this sneaky little Strawberry snuck backstage. Can you guess what happens next? You could have only been there to get this full experience.


Timeline of events:

  • Discover a bag of event-exclusive T-Shirts.
  • Hear the song, Gangnam Style by PSY blasting through the airwaves.
  • Run out on stage, throw some shirts into the crowd.
  • Jump down the stairs and start running into the crowd.
  • Throw more shirts, give high fives.
  • Dance like no other Strawberry has dared dance before to Gangnam Style.


From this point of the story on, Strawberry was hanging out with his new IBO friends, taking pictures, laughing, hugging, interviewing folks, and everything in between. Both days of UNITE had truly made this Strawberry so excited that I just blush thinking about it (you probably couldn’t tell that I’m blushing, but I am). Not only am I excited about the kind folks I encountered, but the bright future PURE holds as they continue their momentum of freshness and innovation. Hopefully this momentum will continue well past my shelf-life.


So, what is the takeaway from all of this? Being a Strawberry is awesome. So is 360 Complete Strawberry Shake. You know what else is awesome? PURE Perk Salted Caramel. The PURE corporate staff for putting this all together. The speakers and leaders that inspired us all to be the best version of ourselves. The IBOs that dedicated their weekend to coming out to Allen, TX. The entire PURENerium® line launching. The exclusive deals. Rudy from the movie. Damon West. $1,000 cash giveaways. Seeing everyone learn and get involved. And, lastly, watching all IBOs come together and spend quality time together.


Watch the actual UNITE Recap video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qduAQcPab2s