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With so many anti-aging skincare products flooding the market today, trying to decipher what works and what’s really worth the money can nearly give us more wrinkles. As we turn our focus toward putting the best version of ourselves out there in 2020, the promise of a clear, glowing complexion can lead to overstocking our bathroom drawers with the latest “miracle” products and never really finding what works.

And when it comes to what really works, science and research are key. Last year PURE partnered with Nerium Biotechnology® (Nerium®), a skincare company listed on 2016’s Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the Consumer Products and Services category to create PURENerium®. All PURENerium® products contain signature ingredient NAE-8® extract—a patented proprietary extract and powerful antioxidant derived from Nerium oleander and aloe vera that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The discovery and development of NAE-8® is credited to Dr. Robert Newman, a doctor and scientist whose interest in plants and nature started as a young boy playing in his parents’ commercial greenhouse. “I had my own ‘crop’ of weird plants such as venous fly traps, sensitive Mimosa plant and sundew plants, which I found fascinating,” he said. “In college I became interested in the promise of plant-based medicinals which led to my Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology.”

Dr. Newman went on to complete additional studies at the Medical College of Georgia, the Medical School of Vermont, Stanford University and, finally, at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, where he spent 24 years in drug development research. (link to Dr. Newman video)

While he spent several years developing plant-based, over-the-counter products at NewChapter, Inc,. Dr. Newman maintained a relationship with Nerium Biotechnology® and continues to work closely with them today to develop breakthrough skincare and wellness products.

As scientists at Nerium Biotechnology® focused their work on the benefits of aloe vera for the maintenance of healthy dermal tissue, they began to explore how best to combine aloe vera and Nerium oleander*.

Instead of simply combining extracts of each product, Dr. Newman and his team discovered that using the aloe vera gel to extract Nerium oleander produced an unexpected enhancement, resulting in the newly formed Nerium-Aloe-Extract (NAE-8®).

“We first discovered the benefits of NAE-8® by a bit of a happy accident,” Dr. Newman says. “A technician working for us tried some of the extract on her facial blemishes. She was amazed at how quickly the acne dissipated and how quickly her skin’s appearance improved.”

This ‘accident’ set in motion a series of studies examining the relative benefits of NAE-8® as an exclusive ingredient in Nerium Biotechnology’s® products for both daily skin maintenance and in the use of products that target serious skincare issues.

The skin-aiding benefits are cited in a peer-reviewed publication titled “Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-apoptotic and skin regenerative properties of an aloe vera-based extract of Nerium oleander leaves (NAE-8),” appearing in the journal, Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology (May 2015)

PURENerium’s® line of skincare products includes:
Daily face cream
Age-defying Eye Serum
Nightly Face Treatment
NeriumFirm Body Contour Cream

PURE recently challenged customers to put their favorite PURENerium® products to the test. Dozens of people joined the PURENerium® 60-Day Challenge with the chance to win up to $1,000 for the best results. Check out our winners and their results in the categories of Most-Improved Eye, Face, Body, and Overall Improvement.

The Nightly Face Treatment is PURENerium’s best-seller. 60-Day Challenge entrant Julie Marquardt said, “I’m loving this enhanced version! I saw subtle improvements almost immediately. My 54-year-old skin is firmer, smoother and my wrinkles are fading! Plus, my complexion is brighter. I’m starting to see the face I had a decade ago—I’ve missed that face! I’ve shared it with so many friends and every one of them is having great results too. Amazing new formula! Worth every penny.”

Dr. Newman credits the company’s research-centered approach to their products’ success. “Unfortunately, most skincare companies don’t bother to share the research to support claims that are made,” he says. “They merely say their products are effective ‘anti-aging’ or skin-health products without bothering to do the research that justifies those claims. At Nerium Biotech®, we believe in science-based products even though this is the costlier way to go. We publish our science studies in open-access journals available to the public.”

As Dr. Newman’s research continues, he says there are great things ahead. “We have most recently developed a new series of therapeutic products containing NEA-8 with for the treatment of psoriasis, cold sores and dermal pain associated with shingles, and other products are in development,” he added.

“I have always loved doing research where the end result leads to products that improve quality of life for people,” Dr. Newman says. “This was true in the years I spent at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, where we strived to discover and develop novel therapies for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Now, with Nerium Biotechnology®, we also are contributing to enhancement of individual’s quality of life by simply helping people feel and look their best.”

See PURENerium’s® full line of products and pricing here.

*Although the oleander plant is poisonous, it has been used in traditional medicine to tackle everything from heart conditions to asthma and leprosy. Ancient Greeks, Babylonians and Arabs used it for a variety of health concerns. It is also thought to have antimicrobial properties. For skincare, oleander extract is believed to have antioxidant properties and help reduce the “visible” signs of aging. As with any botanical extract, how it is prepared is critical and it’s important to remember that this plant can be deadly when taken or prepared incorrectly. Nerium Biotech’s NAE-8® is carefully prepared, making it safe for daily use.