To Know Them is to Love Them


Happy “Get to Know your Customers Day!”

“It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.”
-Seth Godin

At PURE, we’ve got a lot of love for our customers. They are the reason for everything we do, and it may sounds cliché to say, but we wouldn’t be here without all of them. January 16 is “Get to Know Your Customers Day,” so we thought it might be fun to shine a spotlight on some of the love we get back from our amazing customers. Every word lifts us up, makes us work a little harder and mainly just feel great about what we do at PURE.

Thanks to every one of our customers who have taken time out of their day to send a nice note, make a phone call or post a positive experience. We can’t tell you how much we love hearing how PURE products have made your life better in some way.

Who is the PURE customer? Here’s a little snapshot…

“The whole reason for reaching out to a friend about PURE was because my memory, or lack thereof, was scaring me! I would forget what my husband told me 10 minutes ago. I would ask a question and he would be like, I just told you. I started taking ENERGY and my mental clarity is back! It amazes me! I love it, and I feel like myself again!”
– Kristina Blackwelder

“GoYin tastes amazing! It’s so good that both my kids ask to take it every day. I believe that Goyin helped to balance my hormones and level me out. I have a very stressful job, and this has helped me more than anything.”
– Stephanie Tomlinson

“There are so many products that I just love. I chose to review Greens because of its key role in the Detox program. My husband and I have used PURE products for five years now. He has had his own amazing health journey, but my testimony really didn’t begin until I completed the 28-Day Detox in July. As a result, I have lost a total of 43 pounds and have just started my second 28-Day Detox. I’m still surprised I like Greens so much.

I’ve learned, over the past five years, the importance of being alkaline, and I’m better every day because of the nutrition packed greens. I start every morning with them, and I’m energized all morning long. When I started the Detox, I’m pretty sure I used the first container of Greens from our very first order! Now it is a permanent fixture on my Autoship.”
– Carla Brake

“Hydrate is a family favorite! We are a very active family, often going on hikes or bike rides or some other physical activity as well as the various sports activities the children participate in. I am super grateful for a product that replenishes our electrolytes, helps quench our thirst and rehydrates our bodies without added dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors. My youngest was five when we got introduced to PURE and we all take it, regularly. It has also been a huge boon during super humid Kansas summers and whatever outside activity soaked us with sweat.”
– Astrid Shay

“I get asked all the time how I am avoiding knee replacement surgery. Back story is I was told back in 2002 that my knees were bone-on-bone and basically not to do anything but swim, since I was going to need the surgery.

Fast forward and I still can do most exercises, including squats and lunges. I’m rarely in pain and have never had to even take an Advil. Between my diet and exercise I was able to sustain mobility. Then, in 2016 I found this miracle (Sulfur) which totally eliminated all discomfort in my knees AND the pain from my plantar fasciitis.

I don’t know about you, but before I get a prescription or over-the-counter pill, I will always try nutrition first!
–iamfrancinerivera, Instagram

A special thanks to all of these PURE customers who went the extra mile to let us know their stories. We love getting to know our customers and welcome even more feedback as PURE continues to help people live their best lives and work toward achieving Whole Health!