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Juice that packs a healthy punch

The holidays may be over, but the New Year celebration and commitment to our resolutions persevere with National Green Juice Day on January 26. Green Juice drenches your body in plant nutrients and chlorophyll (aka liquid sunshine.) Chlorophyll strengthens your immune system, helps control inflammation, increases red blood cell production, and helps enhance your cells’ ability to carry oxygen.

Go green first thing
The easiest way to enjoy the benefits of a green juice is to drink it as your morning meal, at least an hour before or after your coffee (the acidity of which will negate the juice’s alkalizing effects), and never with a cooked meal.

Benefits of regularly drinking your greens include:
– fast and easy absorption of nutrients
– increased energy levels
– improved cognitive function
– glowing skin
– a little rest for your digestion system
– strong hair and nails.

Celebrate by sipping your way in a brighter direction with this recipe that makes getting your daily greens in a tasty treat.

– 1 cup plant-based milk
– 2 tablespoons hot water
– 1 scoop PURE Greens
– Organic coconut sugar, to taste

1. Place a saucepan over medium-high heat, add plant-based milk and stir with a whisk until hot.
2. Meanwhile, add hot water to your mug and stir in PURE Greens Powder until dissolved. Stir in coconut sugar, mixing until dissolved.
3. Once milk is hot, carefully pour into your mug with PURE Greens Powder, and enjoy!