WOMEN, STRONG. Lifting up the Women of PURE


Celebrated on March 8 every year, International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to honoring the achievements of women throughout history and all across the globe, and is typically a day for women from all different backgrounds and cultures to band together to fight for gender parity and women’s rights

What is International Women’s Day?

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International Women’s Day (IWD) is dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements in the social, economic, cultural and political spheres. The day, collectively founded by women, also brings attention to gender parity and women’s rights.

Of course, the global celebration of International Women’s Day is a time for reflection of how far women have come, advocacy for what is still needed, and action to continue breaking down barriers. With over a century of history, IWD is a growing movement centered around unity and strength.

What is the theme for International Women’s Day 2020?
In 1975, the United Nations officially recognized International Women’s Day, and, in 1996, began to adopt an annual theme for every year. The first theme was “Celebrating the past, Planning for the Future.” This year’s theme #EachforEqual is meant to be a shared goal throughout 2020.

“We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations, and celebrate women’s achievements,” states the organization’s site. “Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world. Let’s all be #EachforEqual.”

The IWD 2020 campaign theme draws on the notion of “collective individualism,” which refers to the idea that every individual is a part of a whole, and that an individual’s actions, behaviors, and mindsets can all have an impact on larger society.

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 11.41.43 AMHere at PURE, we are so proud of all the women who have contributed to the success of this company that spans the globe today. Join us in lifting up these women and celebrating how far we have come in helping support women’s aspirations and goals over the last several decades.

The Women of PURE
Here are just a few snapshots of some of the amazing women of PURE and their most proud achievements. We are so glad you are part of PURE!

“I am most proud of becoming a mom and having a strong, healthy family.”
– Kristen Shoemaker, PURE Event Manager

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“When I lived in Kansas City, Missouri, I was a volunteer for The Dream Factory of Kansas City.  We granted dreams for children who were living with a chronic disease. Myself, and a few others organized an event at my job at the time to raise money for the Dream Factory.  It was very successful, and I was able to present the check to the Dream Factory with another co-worker. Volunteering with them for 3 years, I would hear so many different stories from parents, and the children themselves. The stories just pull at your heart strings, so to help raise money, to make a small difference in these families’ lives, really filled me with gratitude.”
– Marci Surls, PURE Sales Support Representative  


“I’m really proud of completing my degree. It shows how much time and effort I’ve dedicated to my personal growth and education. It’s an impactful milestone in my life since I’m still young. But, it has led me to many new friends and now leads me through this new chapter of my life—starting my career at PURE.”
– Aimee Srioudom, PURE Graphic Designer

“Chudaporn Lippatana (Jeap) has worked hard every single day since joining PURE.  She understands our mission of being People United Reaching Everyone.  She has been a pleasure to work with and I am blessed to call her my friend. Jeap continues to be a true pioneer and valuable leader in the success of Thailand.  She focuses on the individual achievements of each member of her team.
–James Watson, PURE Vice President of Southeast Asia

“Nantida Hongthong (Toon) is a modern example of today’s woman. She has a very busy life.  Entrepreneur, mother of two and a successful marriage, Toon has many responsibilities. After many years in the beauty industry, Toon wanted a networking opportunity which would allow her to take control of her destiny based on her passion, hard work and commitment. I am amazed at her passion and dedication to her team.  She is an inspiration to us all.”
–James Watson, PURE Vice President of Southeast Asia

ZHANGLI_01“I am proud to have an ideal career that helps me have a happy life. PURE provides me the opportunities to realize my dreams, as well as enjoy a great quality of life with its high-quality and effective products. At PURE, everyone is encouraged to become the best version of themselves.”
Zhang Li, Sapphire Executive, South Korea (right)



“I am a mother of two sons, and I had my own fashion shop for many years. I always imagined having lifestyle in which I could enjoy financial freedom as well as a life with more time to spend with my children. PURE has helped me achieve my dream!”
–Sony Xu, Gold Director, South Korea (left)

“My husband and I help lead a church in Sachse. We’ve built a family there for the young adults. We love seeing people’s lives change and being part of that journey with them has been the most rewarding part.”
–Alina Bui, PURE Digital Content Specialist