PURE Joins The Salvation Army to Help those in Need, Fox 11 News Los Angeles Shares the Story


Fox News 11 Los Angeles, on-air personality Dave Dettman, “Dr. Gadget,” partnered with PURE and the City of Los Angeles to share the story.

Last week was a great week at PURE. In a joint effort with The Salvation Army, PURE was able to team up with the City of Los Angeles, The Salvation Army and their community partners to donate and disseminate 10,000 bottles of Skin Defense, our all-natural, non-toxic spray, to help support those need during the COVID-19 crisis.

In two major Food Distribution events, The Salvation Army will ultimately distribute 4,000 food boxes to those struggling during the Covid19 pandemic. At last week’s event at L.A.’s Exposition Park, The Salvation Army disseminated 2,000 Food boxes and hygiene kits containing bottles of Skin Defense to families in the Southern California area who had pre-registered based on need. Each food box contained 18 meals, delivering a total of 34,000 meals.
Skin Defense provides a layer of quick protection against unpredictable environmental elements, PURE’s Skin Defense utilizes key ingredient Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), a naturally occurring chemical produced by white blood cells every day to fight off bacteria, superbugs and viruses*.

4udscUhwNon-toxic and non-sensitizing, Skin Defense is safe for use on intact skin, hands, the face and around the eyes, utilizing an alcohol-free, non-irritant formula that provides a less drying alternative to many other products currently on the market. Additionally, it serves as an effective medical aid for daily use on intact skin or for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, blisters and insect bites.

And with the current critical needs of so many across the United States right now, leaders at PURE jumped at the chance to help.

“The Salvation Army does so much to help many people in need,” said PURE Founder Mr. Dae Geun Jung. “We wanted to do something to show our appreciation for such an important organization whose work is making an even bigger impact than usual during this crisis.”


“An unprecedented crisis demands an unprecedented response,” said Lt. Colonel John Chamness, Divisional Commander of The Salvation Army’s California South Division. “Having a partner such as PURE to help bring health and safety to go along with the food we will be distributing today is a true blessing.”

Ovb2Z7aQAdditionally, as featured on Fox News 11 Los Angeles, on-air personality Dave Dettman, “Dr. Gadget,” partnered with PURE and the City of Los Angeles to share the story. “Skin Defense is the perfect blend of advanced technology and consumer protection—a true game changer in the world of health & wellness,” said Dr. Gadget. “This donation is an exciting way to show support to the community of Los Angeles, and we’re thrilled to spread this kind of good news right now.”

See the Fox News 11 Los Angeles story here.
PURE is also working to help emergency responders in our local community of Dallas/Ft. Worth—for every 10 bottles sold, PURE will donate a bottle of Skin Defense to help those who are helping so many during this crisis.  Join us in furthering this great cause—you’re just a click away. Help donate to our first responders here!