PURE Leader is First to Reach Elite Achievement Rank in Africa, turning Opportunity into Reward


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Moses Egbiremhon, Chairman Black Diamond, PURE Africa

When Moses Egbiremhon first decided to join the PURE family in Nigeria, Africa, he started putting the work in from the ground up. “I spent the first days with PURE watching network marketing videos by Bryan Caruthers, Dexter Yega and many other successful MLM top earners,” he said. “You have to push through the challenges of consistent rejection so you can ultimately reach the right leaders.”

Those early efforts and never-give-up attitude laid the foundation for Egbiremhon’s success, as he recently became the first person at PURE in Africa to reach the top rank of Chairman Black Diamond—a shining moment for his career and for the future of PURE.

A graduate of the prestigious University of Port Harcourt with a degree in Human Anatomy, Egbiremhon’s passion for business entrepreneurship first lead him into the field of Network Marketing in 2013. Since then, his strong work ethic and marked leadership skills have driven his stand-out success.

Egbiremhon has built a strong PURE team with his servant leadership, role-modeling of best practices and a focus to help others succeed.

Egbiremhon attributes his success to putting in the work from the very beginning of his PURE journey. Always building upon every win, Egbiremhon, kept moving forward and growing his business and his team with PURE. He considers his greatest achievement to be raising successful leaders who have succeeded in raising up other successful leaders.

“I recommend using the products first, and then sharing your experience with others to build a strong team,” he said. “I love that PURE products are helping to change the narrative of health for people in Africa. Also, people who work hard are paid for their efforts and success.”

Egbiremhon is the brain behind his team’s rallying mantra, “Project One Million,” a unique strategic thrust to motivate, lead and socially connect his team. “I think the best form of motivation is to have my team members see me actually doing what I say I’m going to do,” he said.

Egbiremhon is also a successful life and health coach. He is the founder and president of Above Average Community, a group driven by a passion to help others live their healthiest, best lives.

He says that joining PURE has brought his dreams back to life, and he hopes to pass this on to as many as he can. “Being a part of PURE has fulfilled so much in my life,” he said, “From here, I hope to drive as many people as I can to my level.”

Dr. Ben Peter,  the Vice President of PURE Europe, Middle East, and Africa, congratulated Egbiremhon on his significant achievement, noting that Moses has built a dynamic team.

“Moses is one of the most prolific leaders at PURE with a strong leadership base,” Peter said. “He has duplicated these leadership strengths with so many in his team, and now they are also doing great. His hard work has definitely contributed to PURE’s recent growth in Africa—and we’re excited to be expanding throughout the region.”

Egbiremhon has consistently maintained the Diamond Executive status from the moment he first reached the elite achievement, and he has continually climbed the ranks to become PURE Africa’s first Chairman Black Diamond.

“Moses’ story is a great inspiration to many,” said Peter. “We have seen the trend and know that Crown Diamond is loading really fast for him. Pure Africa is very proud to have such driven and committed leaders. We congratulate Moses Egbiremhon for his amazing leadership.”

Egbiremhon lives with his wife and baby in Nigeria, Africa.



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