Working out at Home: Tips to Stay Motivated

(And the PURE Challenge Group can Help!)

Take your workouts one day at a time.

Let’s face it, getting motivated to work out at home isn’t easy for most, and what can be much harder is staying motivated to continue exercising at home.

We all know you need self-discipline to go to the gym, but it’s even more challenging when you’re working out at home. You have to face the at-home temptations that can easily take you off course. Here are several go-to tips to help you stay you on top of your fitness goals and off your couch right now.

Make room for a laptop to access any online workouts you don’t want to miss.

Create Your Own Space
Having a home gym is an excellent way to feel that you’re in control. Although you don’t have to put your home on the market and purchase new digs to find a spare room solely for working out, you want to keep all of your equipment in one room.

When all of your equipment is organized in one set area, it can make exercising less of a chore and more of a regular habit. When the mood strikes, you don’t want any additional obstacles to stand in your way.

Schedule Time to Work Out
Let’s be honest, the first 5 or 10 minutes of working out can be really hard, especially when you have a list of excuses ready in your mind. To make it easier to fit in a daily workout, delegate a set time each day to exercise.

Based on your schedule, commitments, and the flexibility of working out at home, you can set a designated time to lift weights, run on the treadmill, do circuit training or practice yoga moves.

Work out with a Friend or Group
A workout buddy can help keep you on track when you’d much rather stay in bed and watch TV.

The accountability that a friend or group can bring can motivate and inspire. This is where the PURE Fitness Challenges can really be the boost you need to either start a new workout program or mix things up a bit. During the month of September, we’ve got you covered with the Fit for Fall Fitness Challenge. Be sure to hop on the Challenge Group FB Page for daily fitness challenges designed to push you a little further each day. Tag us with #PUREFitForFall to show us your progress, and you’ll be automatically entered to win a cool swag prize!

Ditch the Electronics
It’s best to keep your phone and other electronics safely out of reach until you’ve finished, at least with your strength training part. You could use your phone during cardio as it can help time pass by faster.

Prepare your Workout Routines in Advance
Before you work out, search the Internet, fitness magazines and smartphone apps for some of your favorite moves. When you’re ready to exercise, you won’t waste additional time wondering what to do.

The last thing you want is your brain to start thinking what’s going to be next exercise. This adds unnecessary fatigue on your brain that can cause you to quit in the middle. You want to know exactly what you are going to do next, just plan your exercises before starting.

You can even keep track of the areas of the body you would like to work on each day. You can go old-school and just write it down a notepad or use one of the many smartphone apps out there. Designate specific days for cardio, stretching, abs, legs, glutes, biceps, triceps, chest, deltoids and back.

Wear Workout Clothes  
Although you won’t be heading to the gym, you want to have your gym clothes and shoes within reach. Studies also show that what you wear can also impact your exercise performance.

The right workout gear can make all the difference in your attitude.

Enclothed cognition is a psychological phenomenon that suggests certain clothes may trigger mental changes that can impact performance positively. The next time you dig out old sweats and a tank top, switch them out for some rockin’ workout gear.

Pump Up the Volume
Similar to breaking in a new pair of workout shoes, music is a must-have key to your performance. Exercising with the right tunes has become a common necessity, and can help power you through any workout. Recent studies find the connection between your feet and ears boosts your efficiency. The right songs can also tell the voice in your head that is signaling for you to quit, to go an extra 10 minutes instead.

Switch Up Your Workouts
Doing the same routine over and over can be boring. You’ll be more prone to sticking to your at home workout regimen when you switch things up. Change your routine from time to time to avoid mental boredom and break strength plateau.

To make cardio less monotonous and more interesting try to spice up things, like running up and down stairs in between weight-lifting sessions. On nice days, get outdoors and run laps around your home and yard. Set up stations with weights, jump rope, exercise bands and kettlebells.

At the end of the week when your body is sore, try yoga, Pilates or Zumba as a special reward. Your body also adapts to your repetitions. 


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