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Summer is winding down, but PURE has been bringing the heat all season with the launch of several exciting new products. We introduced everything from an addition to our immune-boosting line-up to an all-in-one, free-radical fighting powerhouse. Plus, we rolled out our new Vegan Shake and an upgraded, better-than-ever formula for our popular Nutrition Shakes in tasty chocolate and vanilla. In case you missed all the hoopla, here’s our NEW PRODUCT RECAP for Summer 2020.


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Staying healthy and keeping our immune systems running at max efficiency has been top of mind for all of us this year. PURE recently powered up its line of immunity boosting products with Immune+, which can provide an added layer of protection and confidence you can count on every day.

The main ingredient in Immune+, Wellmune®, is supported by over a dozen clinical studies that have consistently demonstrated:

  • The ability to support healthy human immune responses to stress in a variety of populations.
  • Enhancement of key immune functions.
  • An improvement in an overall sense of well-being in people of all ages experiencing physical or lifestyle stress.

Immune+ joins PURE immunity supporters already in play: Immune6, Skin Defense and Silver—all designed to give you added peace of mind when it comes to making sure you’re doing all you can to keep your immune system as strong as possible.


Vegan Nutrition ShakeScreen Shot 2020-08-24 at 10.46.42 AM
Another new product that made a splash this summer is our Vegan Vanilla Nutrition Shake. This fresh take on shakes is a 100% plant-based protein formula with no dairy, sugar, gluten, soy or artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. With a rich, creamy vanilla taste, it boasts 100% plant-based sources of vitamins and minerals (plus a whole lot more great stuff).

It’s also an effective weight-loss tool to add to your daily fitness arsenal. It contains potato extract, which has shown through clinical trials to increase feelings of fullness, and helps maintain normal post-meal blood sugar levels.

Containing 20 grams of plant-based protein and just 5 net carbs, the formula has been meticulously crafted with premium proteins, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help you feel (and look!) your best.

When mixed with 8 oz of dairy-free milk, the Vegan Shake can safely replace up to two meals per day (for adults), without foregoing essential nutrients the body needs.
Here’s a few benefits our Vegan Nutrition Shake brings to the table:

  • Lean Green. The 100 % plant-protein formula is made up of rice, pea, fava bean, and mung bean.
  • All Natural. Contains 100% plant-based sources of vitamins and minerals, derived from an organic blend of carrot, spinach, broccoli, parsley, pumpkin seed, cranberry, sunflower seed, chlorella, shiitake mushroom, and maitake mushroom.
  • Potato Power. The formula contains potato extract, which has demonstrated in clinical trials to:
    • Provide increased feelings of fullness
    • Assist in weight loss, including significant reductions in waist and hip measurements. See recommended use for best results.
    • Help maintain normal post-meal blood sugar levels
  • MCT Boost. “MCTs” (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are metabolized faster than other sources of fat. MCTs can help manage weight, as they have been shown to reduce body fat, increase metabolism and curb appetite. They can also improve physical performance during exercise.
  • No Bad Stuff. The shake formula contains no dairy, sugar, gluten, soy, artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. The formula is caffeine free, which allows safe usage among children and individuals sensitive to caffeine.


Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 10.46.17 AMPurXcel
Every day, our body’s cells are either dying or replicating into new cells. Normal cell-to-cell communication is necessary for the development of new cells and for the maintenance of healthy cells.

In today’s environment, the body is bombarded with an exceptionally high number of damaging free radicals and toxins, known as oxidative stress, which can destroy the body’s healthy cells. Too many free radicals can contribute to many age-related conditions.

PURE introduced an effective way to combat these damaging effects with the launch of PurXcel™ in July. A blend of 18 proprietary ingredients, the formula is designed to help cleanse, balance and build the body through its ability to neutralize harmful free radicals and remove toxins.*

Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant system and detoxifier. Daily exposure to free radicals and other toxicants depletes glutathione stores in the body. When we have more toxins and free radicals than our body knows how to handle, our overall health is impacted in many ways. An excess of free radicals and toxicants is also called oxidative stress. The level of glutathione in our body greatly impacts how well we age. Reduced glutathione levels is normal consequence of aging. An important aspect to aging well is to keep our glutathione levels up.

What can decrease glutathione levels in the body?

  • Normal aging
    · UV radiation
    · Cigarette smoke
    · Excess alcohol consumption
    · Environmental toxins and chemicals
    · Prescription medicationsAloe Vera Acemannan is another key ingredient in PurXcel. It contains Phytonutrients from the aloe vera plant assist in supporting a healthy anti-inflammatory response, ultimately helping to bolster the body’s immune system.

Through PURE’s Cleanse, Balance, Build Philosophy, PurXcel offers a number of the following key health benefits*:

  • Helps support and boost the immune system
  • Targets and combats the negative effectives of oxidative stress and environmental toxins
  • Increases ability to fight environmental stressors, which contribute to the aging process
  • Helps improves overall feeling and sense of well-being
  • Can contribute to a more youthful appearance
  • Helps eliminate toxins from the body
  • Can contribute to more restful sleep and more energy and focus

The power of 3 with TriActive Technology—a comprehensive blend of antioxidants, including 3 powerhouse ingredients: glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and aloe acemannan:

PurXcel’s proprietary forms of key ingredients Glutathione (GSH) and Superoxide (SOD) Dismutase have clinically demonstrated to help the body fight free radicals by neutralizing their effect. Glutathione also helps remove toxins within body’s cells.

(The NEW & IMPROVED) Nutrition Shake in Chocolate & VanillaScreen Shot 2020-08-24 at 10.45.42 AM
As always, the PURE 360 Shake shake has been meticulously crafted with premium proteins, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help you look and feel your best. Our new formula, now called the PURE Nutrition Shake, debuted last month and delivers an effective way to add healthy fats, lessen carb intake and provide an effective source of protein. Another great change? The new formula now comes in a handy tub instead of a bag.

And just like our Vegan Shake, our updated formula still contains a potato extract and fiber blend that helps the body control feelings of hunger. Another benefit? The new formula contains MCT oil powder. MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides, are metabolized faster than other fat sources—lessening the possibility of being stored in the body as fat.

MCTs help manage weight, as they have been shown to reduce body fat, increase metabolism and curb appetite. They can also give you an extra edge during your workouts!

What other benefits do our Nutrition shakes bring to the table?  Here’s the skinny:

  • Fewer carbs. Our shakes contain just 5 net carbs per serving.
  • No caffeine. This makes our shakes safe for children and those sensitive to caffeine.
  • Packed with protein. The formula boasts 19 grams of protein.
  • No bad stuff! All-natural sources with no added sugar, gluten, artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

And, whether you’re Team Chocolate or Team Vanilla, we’ve got you. Both delicious flavors in the new shakes are here to help you stay healthy, satisfied and on track with your weight management goals. When combined with Metabolic One and Cleanse as part of the 7-Day or 28-Day Detox, you can start losing weight in as little as one week.

Summer 2020, that’s a new product wrap. Stay tuned, as we have a few surprises up our sleeves for fall (hint, hint: did someone say ‘pumpkin everything?!’)


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.


PURE Leader is First to Reach Elite Achievement Rank in Africa, turning Opportunity into Reward


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Moses Egbiremhon, Chairman Black Diamond, PURE Africa

When Moses Egbiremhon first decided to join the PURE family in Nigeria, Africa, he started putting the work in from the ground up. “I spent the first days with PURE watching network marketing videos by Bryan Caruthers, Dexter Yega and many other successful MLM top earners,” he said. “You have to push through the challenges of consistent rejection so you can ultimately reach the right leaders.”

Those early efforts and never-give-up attitude laid the foundation for Egbiremhon’s success, as he recently became the first person at PURE in Africa to reach the top rank of Chairman Black Diamond—a shining moment for his career and for the future of PURE.

A graduate of the prestigious University of Port Harcourt with a degree in Human Anatomy, Egbiremhon’s passion for business entrepreneurship first lead him into the field of Network Marketing in 2013. Since then, his strong work ethic and marked leadership skills have driven his stand-out success.

Egbiremhon has built a strong PURE team with his servant leadership, role-modeling of best practices and a focus to help others succeed.

Egbiremhon attributes his success to putting in the work from the very beginning of his PURE journey. Always building upon every win, Egbiremhon, kept moving forward and growing his business and his team with PURE. He considers his greatest achievement to be raising successful leaders who have succeeded in raising up other successful leaders.

“I recommend using the products first, and then sharing your experience with others to build a strong team,” he said. “I love that PURE products are helping to change the narrative of health for people in Africa. Also, people who work hard are paid for their efforts and success.”

Egbiremhon is the brain behind his team’s rallying mantra, “Project One Million,” a unique strategic thrust to motivate, lead and socially connect his team. “I think the best form of motivation is to have my team members see me actually doing what I say I’m going to do,” he said.

Egbiremhon is also a successful life and health coach. He is the founder and president of Above Average Community, a group driven by a passion to help others live their healthiest, best lives.

He says that joining PURE has brought his dreams back to life, and he hopes to pass this on to as many as he can. “Being a part of PURE has fulfilled so much in my life,” he said, “From here, I hope to drive as many people as I can to my level.”

Dr. Ben Peter,  the Vice President of PURE Europe, Middle East, and Africa, congratulated Egbiremhon on his significant achievement, noting that Moses has built a dynamic team.

“Moses is one of the most prolific leaders at PURE with a strong leadership base,” Peter said. “He has duplicated these leadership strengths with so many in his team, and now they are also doing great. His hard work has definitely contributed to PURE’s recent growth in Africa—and we’re excited to be expanding throughout the region.”

Egbiremhon has consistently maintained the Diamond Executive status from the moment he first reached the elite achievement, and he has continually climbed the ranks to become PURE Africa’s first Chairman Black Diamond.

“Moses’ story is a great inspiration to many,” said Peter. “We have seen the trend and know that Crown Diamond is loading really fast for him. Pure Africa is very proud to have such driven and committed leaders. We congratulate Moses Egbiremhon for his amazing leadership.”

Egbiremhon lives with his wife and baby in Nigeria, Africa.



PURE: People United Reaching Everyone is a leading innovator in health and wellness products. PURE is dedicated to delivering Whole Health with high-quality products for physical health, opportunity for financial health, relationships for personal health and social impact for philanthropic health. PURE is a global company with offices in the U.S., Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Ghana, and Nigeria, with headquarters in Frisco, Texas. For more information about network opportunities at PURE, visit

STRESS BUSTERS: PURE Supplements Help You Keep Calm and Power On

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With our ‘new normal’ becoming more ‘normal,’ all the time, many of us are experiencing a lot of change and unpredictability in our lives—leading to feelings of stress and anxiety. As many parents face a Back-to-School season this year that looks a bit different than what we’re used to, the extra demands of getting through the tasks of the day, while possibly working from home and also providing education for children, can add up to an exhausting schedule.

Taking time to make your physical and mental health needs a priority is more important than ever. With the comforting routines of day-to-day life disrupted, most experts suggest creating new routines. Making healthy eating habits and and regular physical fitness part of your new routine can greatly help when it comes to handling stress.

In addition to diet and exercise, many people have indicated that adding the right vitamins, minerals and supplements into their daily routines has become more of a priority now than ever before.

A recent survey1 found that 47% of people are now taking dietary supplements to manage their health, making it the third most common approach to health management (behind eating a balanced diet and physical exercise.)

PURE offers a number of go-to products that can help fight stress and keep you feeling your best, including SleepTrim, GoYin, Goji and Immune+.

SleepTrim: Get those ZZZs
We all know that not sleeping well can lead to irritability. It’s also a major contributor when it comes to how we handle stress. Additionally, if you are not getting the recommended seven-to-eight hours of sleep every night, you may be eating more, exercising less and gaining weight. PURE’s SleepTrim is a daily answer to keeping your sleep habits on track.

SleepTrim features a microencapsulated, extended-release technology that slowly delivers a blend of melatonin and blend of capsaicin and red pepper extract to help the body burn calories while you sleep.*

Here’s how:

  • Extended-Release Technology gently delivers melatonin in stages so you can fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed.*
  • Relaxation Blend of botanicals (chamomile and passionflower), magnesium and L-theanine help the body relax mentally and physically.*
  • Metabolic-Boosting Pepper Blend of capsaicin and red pepper extract helps the body burn calories naturally as you sleep.*

GoYin: Finding Balance

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Creating harmony and balance in our lives is another key to staying one step ahead of stress. A proprietary and balancing blend of fruits and adaptogenic herbs including astragalus root, gac, hawthorn, rhodiola, schisandra, tangerine and ginger, GoYin was created on the premise of 5,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As part of the CORE4, GoYin helps set the stage for overall health and wellness when consumed as part of a balanced diet. In a preliminary study† of 100 healthy, stressed individuals, GoYin improved overall feelings of vigor and well-being, and decreased feelings of nervousness, tension and fatigue in all people studied.*

GoYin also includes vitamin B6, which is essential for the production of energy in the body from the food we eat; and B12, necessary for building important cell structures in the body.

Goji: The “Happy Berry”
Grown in the Himalayan regions of Tibet and Mongolia for centuries, goji berries are celebrated by native people for their ability to promote longevity. Historically named the “happy berry” because of the sense of well-being they can help provide, these “red diamonds” have been recognized for centuries in Asia for their high nutrient content, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, and powerful antioxidant properties. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the whole berry and its extracts have shown numerous health benefits.

Loaded with protective phytonutrients for health and well-being*, Goji superfruit is a dark, delicious juice with a tinge of sweetness. As a natural source of vitamin C and polysaccharides, Goji provides nutrition to help support healthy functions of the immune system. Goji is also is a source of carotenoids, including lutein and zeaxanthin, which may help enhance eye health.* Reports have also shown that goji contains high levels of antioxidants, important for protecting the body from oxidative stress, or destructive free radicals.


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The Immune+ Advantage

Whether kids are learning from home or heading back to school this fall, safeguarding your family’s health is top of mind for every parent right now. PURE’s Immune+ can give you that added peace of mind. The immune system is the primary line of defense against common health challenges. Safe for all ages, Immune+ is proven to bolster the immune system’s defenses, providing an added layer of protection and confidence you can count on every day.

It’s safe for everyday use to improve general immune health, and the main ingredient, Wellmune®, is supported by over a dozen clinical studies. These clinical trials have consistently demonstrated:

  • The ability to support healthy human immune responses to stress in a variety of populations*.
  • Enhance key immune functions*.
  • Improves an overall sense of well-being in people of all ages experiencing physical or lifestyle stress*.

So, don’t let stress take you down! By combining a good diet, regular exercise and stay-healthy PURE supplements, you’ll be coasting with calm and working toward being the best YOU you can be.


1 GlobalData, Global Consumer Survey, Q3 2016

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Why PurXcel™? The Benefits Speak for Themselves

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Fast Facts & FAQs

PurXcel delivers effective health benefits that cleanse, balance and build the body.

Every single cell in the body produces glutathione, which is what makes it a crucial aspect of immunity and detoxification. Today’s polluted, high-stress world saps the body’s glutathione stores. Boosting levels back up can keep you healthier, resilient, and more clear-headed.

Wondering if PurXcel is right for you?
Here’s a handy Cheat Sheet to let you know everything you need to about the science behind PurXcel that makes it a must-have in your daily Whole Health routine:

Q:  What does PurXcel do and how does it work?

  • Daily use increases glutathione stores in the body.
  • Targets and combats the negative effectives of oxidative stress and environmental toxins.
  • Helps support and boost the immune system.
  • Promotes healthy aging and overall health.
  • Helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Q:  What are some benefits I might see from using PurXcel?

  • An improved overall feeling and sense of well-being
  • More restful sleep
  • Feeling more energized and focused
  • A more youthful appearance
  • A better ability to handle stress
  • An increased ability to fight environmental stressors, which contribute to the aging process

Q:  What are the 3 ingredients of Triactive Technology?

Glutathione (GSH)
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
Aloe Acemannan

Keep reading to get the scoop on each of these powerful ingredients and how our Triactive Technology goes beyond the glutathione.

Q:  What do SOD and Aloe Acemannan do?

  • Superoxide Dismutase (aka SOD) like glutathione also fights toxins and free radicals in the body. Unlike other SOD supplements, the SOD used Triactive Technology is a bioavailable.
  • Aloe Acemannan acts to support and boost the immune system.

Q:  Why is glutathione important to my health?

Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant system and detoxifier. Daily exposure to free radicals and other toxicants depletes glutathione stores in the body. When we have more toxins and free radicals than our body knows how to handle, our overall health is impacted in many ways. An excess of free radicals and toxicants is also called oxidative stress. The level of glutathione in our body greatly impacts how well we age. Reduced glutathione levels is normal consequence of aging. An important aspect to aging well is to keep our glutathione levels up.

Q:  What can decrease glutathione levels in the body?

  • Normal aging
  • UV radiation
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Environmental toxins and chemicals
  • Prescription medications

Q:  What makes our glutathione different?

  1. The power of PURE’s proprietary Triactive Technology – glutathione combined with the complementing benefits of SOD and Aloe Acemannan.
  2. PurXcel uses clinically tested levels of all three components found in the Triactive Technology. This drives the maximum effectiveness and benefits from the use of PurXcel.
  3. Unlike the competition, PURE’s glutathione is absorbed in the body. Others never make it past the digestive tract where they are digested and destroyed.
  4. The unique glutathione used in our Triactive Technology has been shown to significantly increase glutathione levels inside the body
  5. PurXcel can help increase the body’s stores of glutathione. Taking 1,000mg/day of PurXcel showed a 30% increase in whole blood, 35% increase in red blood cells and 260% increase in buccal cells glutathione levels.
unrecognizable person sleeping under blanket

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Here’s what some users have to say about their results with PurXcel:

  • “I noticed more energy and focus.” – Amanda Y.
  • “I slept like a champ and crushed my workout.” – Amy U.
  • “I noticed more energy.” – Mariel T.
  • “I felt steady energy all day.” – Linda B.
  • “I did not feel as hungry as I usually do after work.” – Dave P.
  • “I felt super energized and clear headed. I was not as hungry as usual.” – Nicole L.
  • “I am feeling stronger, have more stamina and can stay on my feet for longer periods of time. I feel more awake.” – Jan M.
  • “I definitely have more energy. Brain fog is gone and my skin is looking amazing.
    – Alyssa F.


TriActiveTechnology-01 (1)Triactive Technology Battles Damaging Free Radicals & Toxins

Over the past two decades, “antioxidant” has become a buzzword in the health community. It gets thrown around a lot. If you’ve looked into nutrition, you may know that berries are full of antioxidants, as are green veggies, coffee, grass-fed butter, fish, and many other foods.

Fast forward to today, and we’re able to see the benefits of the next generation of antioxidants with PurXcel’s TRIACTIVE TECHNOLOGY, comprised of three key ingredients: glutathione (GSH), superoxide dismutase (SOD), and aloe vera acemannan. They work together to neutralize destructive free radicals, curbing cellular damage and inflammation. Free radicals are also a driving mechanism behind aging1, so it’s no surprise that these powerhouse antioxidants help to decrease the risk of many age-related diseases.

Antioxidants like vitamin C and lipoic acid, both found in PurXcel, certainly make the grade, and when it comes to neutralizing free radicals, glutathione goes the extra mile—so much so that researchers have nicknamed glutathione “the master antioxidant.” Every single cell in your body produces glutathione, which is what makes it a crucial aspect of immunity and detoxification. Today’s polluted, high-stress world saps your glutathione stores. Boosting your levels back up can help keep you feeling resilient and more clear-headed2.

Glutathione is a sulfur-containing molecule every cell in your body makes from the three amino acids: L-glutamine, L-cysteine and L-glycine. The glutathione in PurXcel packs even more of a punch, as it is a bioavailable, or directly ‘absorbable,’ form of the ingredient.

In combination with its proprietary blend of ingredients, PurXcel’s glutathione protects fats from oxidation, supports energy-producing mitochondria, boosts immunity, and helps your brain function at its peak. Glutathione also recharges other antioxidants like vitamin C, making them more effective at balancing inflammation.

Glutathione itself protects against inflammation, toxins, free radicals, and pathogens. You can think of it as your body’s natural detox agent: This effective antioxidant becomes a cofactor for dozens of detox enzymes that neutralize damaging free radicals. Optimal glutathione levels also benefit your gut, cardiovascular system, vision, and metabolism.

Your body makes its own glutathione and uses it to combat inflammation, stress, and toxins from your diet and environment. The modern world is toxic, especially if you’re breathing in city air and working a stressful job. Stressful daily life can quickly drain your glutathione stores. That’s when you can use a little help from a glutathione supplement.

Almost everyone. Because it’s found in every cell in your body, glutathione rich PurXCel helps support all kinds of systems.

  • Excessive free radicals increase oxidative stress, quickly draining your glutathione tank. That makes sense considering your liver is your biggest glutathione-containing organ, and it plays a crucial role in detoxification. Glutathione reduces heavy metals, free radicals, and other toxins by carrying them out of the body.
  • Brain fog. After your liver, your brain contains the highest glutathione concentration. Studies show glutathione defends against reactive oxygen species (ROS), reducing oxidative stress that contributes to everything from brain fog to neurological health.
  • Glutathione production declines with age, which can contribute to age-related problems like cognitive decline. Research shows people 100 years or older have higher levels of the enzyme glutathione reductase4.

Some foods like green veggies contain a little glutathione, sulfur-containing foods like cruciferous veggies and garlic can help build it, and consistent exercise can boost it, but to get therapeutic amounts of this rock-star antioxidant you’ll want to supplement.

Enter PurXcel. PurXcel utilizes a proprietary form of glutathione, which has been shown in clinical trials to significantly increase GSH within the blood and specific immune cells3. Until recent advances, most dietary forms of glutathione are broken down in the digestive system making them incapable of being absorbed in the blood and cells of the body.

Another stand-out ingredient in PurXCel, SOD is an enzyme found in every cell of the body. It is an internal antioxidant defense mechanism, which helps keep oxidative stress at bay.

In clinical trials, superoxide dismutase established improvements in perceived stress, physical and mental fatigue and an overall improvement in the quality of life (Carillon, Notin, Schmitt, Simoneau, & Lacan, 2014).*

Used for centuries for its therapeutic properties, the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant contains phytonutrients with known antioxidant and other health-promoting properties. It supports a healthy inflammatory response, thereby extending support to the immune system. (Nejatzadeh-Barandozi, 2013).

PurXcel uses an exclusive and proprietary form of aloe (BioAloe®) which contains polymannose, a unique polysaccharide. In clinical trials, this ingredient, when combined with other ingredients, demonstrated cognitive function support.

From supporting immune health and fighting oxidative stress, to targeting the signs of aging, PurXcel packs a punch. It also helps balance the ratio of antioxidants and cell-damaging free radicals, offers liver function support, and delivers a hearty boost of nutritional support to the body’s antioxidant defense systems. #howdoyouXcel?

Do you have experience with glutathione, superoxide dismutase or aloe acemannan? Talk about it in the comments! Thanks for reading and have a great week.




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.







A healthy, easy-to-make strawberry protein shake recipe with only 4 ingredients! Enjoy this delicious protein shake post workout or for a meal replacement. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 1.40.36 PMOne of the sweetest reasons to love summer is all the mouthwatering fruit ripe for the tasting all season. And if you’re exercising and trying to eat healthy, there’s nothing better than a protein-packed, strawberry smoothie brimming with goodness and guaranteed to satisfy.

If you aren’t using a protein powder, PURE’s Strawberry 360 Complete Shake mix is a great way to sneak extra protein into your diet. Protein helps you feel full longer and, because your body uses more energy to digest protein, you burn more calories when you have it on board.

PURE’s Complete 360 Shake contains a unique potato extract and fiber blend that helps the body control feelings of hunger. Whey and pea proteins also contribute to the robust 19 grams of protein, and the its packed with 25 essential vitamins and minerals from 100 percent organic, all-natural sources.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your strawberry fix AND sip something that tastes pretty much like a thick and creamy milkshake (without any guilt!), you’ve got to give this recipe a spin. And for an added dose of healthy carbs and potassium, throw in half of a banana. Topping it off with a few Mila Chia seeds gives you another boost of plant-based protein and fiber—and even more good-for-you nutrients.

Strawberry Chia Seed Protein Shake


  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop PURE 360 Complete Strawberry Shake mix
  • 2 teaspoons PURE Mila chia seeds, for sprinkling or stirring in


  1. Add all ingredients except for Mila chia seeds to blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. You may need to add a few teaspoons more of milk to create your preferred consistency. Once blended and smooth, pour into a chilled glass or bowl and sprinkle with Mila chia seeds. Enjoy!


Servings: 1 smoothie
Serving size: 1 smoothie
Calories: 195kcal
Fat: 3.6g
Carbohydrates: 18.9g
Fiber: 6.9g
Sugar: 9.6g
Protein: 22.5g

PURE AMERICAN: PURE Boasts Benefits of Products Made Right Here at Home

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 11.50.11 AMWalk into any big-box store, pick up an item at random off the shelf, and look at the label. Chances are you’ll see the same three words on the tag: “Made in China.” Depending on the product, it might read “Made in Mexico” or “Made in Taiwan” – but it will rarely say “Made in the USA.”

It wasn’t always this way. Decades ago, many or even most products on store shelves were American made. But since the late 1990s, American manufacturing has seen a steady decline. Many U.S. companies have moved their factories – and the jobs they provided – to other countries where labor is cheaper, such as China and Mexico.

However, there are some signs this trend is starting to reverse itself. Since 2010, reports cite that more than 300 companies have moved production back to the United States, creating about 240,000 new jobs. As a result, that “Made in USA” label – though still rare – is slowly making its way back onto more products.

One of those companies is PURE. All PURE products are manufactured in America, and the benefits for the company, the consumer and our country hit home when you take a look.

Darin Blackhurst, PURE’s Director of Research and Development, weighs in on what sets PURE goods ahead of others not produced in the U.S.A. “Knowing that our products are made here gives me a lot of confidence in their superior quality,” he says. “Some of the PURE ingredients are sourced from foreign markets because they are naturally derived from those places, but each ingredient, regardless of origin, goes through rigorous testing to ensure its safety and purity. Being made in America also ensures that each finished product is free of contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria and other harmful substances.”

This puts PURE products ahead of the game when it comes to quality and safety. But there are so many other great benefits to manufacturing goods here at home. Let’s dive in!

Reasons to Buy American-Made Products

According to a 2015 report by Consumer Reports, 80% of American shoppers say they prefer to buy goods made in the United States. More than 60% say they’d even be willing to pay 10% more for an American-made product.

Shoppers have many different reasons for choosing American-made goods, including the following:

  • Jobs. The most common reason shoppers give for buying American is to help save or create jobs in the United States. According to a 2015 report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI)the U.S. lost a total of 5.7 million manufacturing jobs between 1998 and 2013 – partly because of the Great Recession, but mostly because of trade imbalances with foreign nations like China and Mexico. In addition to our products being made in America, PURE is adding to this list of homegrown jobs, as all of our IBOs (Independent Business Owners) are small business owners here.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint. Products made overseas have a higher carbon footprintthan U.S.-made goods. Goods made in China or India have to be shipped all the way across the ocean to reach American stores, burning fossil fuel and spewing out greenhouse gases with every mile they travel.
  • Less Pollution. One reason it’s cheaper to make goods in developing countries is that many of them have few or no regulations to protect the health of the air and water. Many factories overseas that produce goods for export to the United States also produce large amounts of hazardous chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil. A 2014 paper by a team of Chinese researchers, published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, concluded that the U.S. has effectively “outsourced” much of its air pollution to China, where more than 33% of sulfur dioxide emissions and around 25% of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide come from the production of goods for export.
  • Human Rights. In addition to having weaker environmental regulations, the countries that produce the goods Americans buy often have no laws to protect the rights of workers. A 2015 report from the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rightsdocuments how Chinese workers who produce toys for American brands such as Hasbro, Mattel, and Disney work 12- to 13-hour days and sleep on plywood bunk beds in crowded, dirty, and freezing dormitories. An earlier report from 2006 uncovered child labor at a factory in Bangladesh that produced clothing sold by Walmart and JCPenney. Conditions in these foreign sweatshops can even turn deadly, as in the 2013 collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,000 employees.
  • Health. The lack of environmental and safety regulations overseas doesn’t just put foreign workers at risk – it can also threaten the health of American consumers. In 2007, dozens of types of children’s toys made in China were recalled because they were unsafe. Some posed a choking hazard, while others contained dangerous chemicals like lead paint and kerosene, according to The New York Times.
  • A Stronger Economy. Buying American-made goods doesn’t just support the workers who make those goods. Its benefits also ripple out through the entire economy. So, when you buy from a PURE IBO, you are not only shopping ‘local’ because all of our goods made in America, but you are boosting the economy by choosing to buy from an American small business owner. So buy American, buy PURE!


Men’s Health Month: June Helps Bring Awareness to Men’s Health Issues

MenHealthMonthThis one is for the dudes—the men in our lives. June is all about the men that we love and care about; it’s also Men’s Health Month. Celebrate what makes you amazingly you. Since 1994, sponsored by a congressional health education program, Men’s Health Month is celebrated across the United States with health fairs, screenings, and other health education/outreach activities.

Why Men’s Health Month?

Despite amazing medical advances, men still have a 7-year average shorter lifespan than women do.

Prostate cancer has grown to an alarming rate of 1 in 9 (in 2015), with many men reluctant to visit their health care provider for regular exams. They may have related problems for many reasons, including, but not limited to fear, lack of information, and cost factors.

So, what do we do? Well, if you’re a female reading this, encourage the men in your life to schedule (and actually go!) to their check-up. If you’re a male: Pick up your phone. Dial your physician’s phone number. Schedule the check-up; physically put your appointment in whatever scheduling device you use. Actually, go to your appointment. This will be different from other age appropriate exams. If you’re between the ages of 20-39 you can schedule your exam every 3 years, 40-49 every 2 years, and over 50— head to the doctor every year.

But every guy should get his blood pressure checked yearly. Hypertension is a serious issue amongst men, as heart disease is the leading cause of death. There are no physical signs of hypertension and at the same time can cause permanent damage to body organs.

It’s important as a senior man to brush up on your health facts, listen to your body and be sure to get regular checkups. Not only will you live longer, but you’ll have a better quality of life.

General Health. Even if you don’t feel sick, if it important to see your doctor regularly and schedule annual exams. Some of the screening tests recommended by Johns Hopkins for men 65+ are:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Blood pressure
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Depression
  • Diabetes mellitus, type 2
  • Lipid disorders

. It seems simple but if you’re sick, see your doctor. According to the Health in Aging Foundation, 40% of men said that when sick, they delay seeking medical care for a few days; and 17%  percent said they would wait “at least a week.” Don’t wait. Prompt medical care can be the difference between life and death.

It’s important to take medications as directed, and especially for seniors to keep a complete list of medications and dosages handy.  Always inform any doctor you visit about your medications. The more they know about your meds, the better they can look out for potentially life-threatening drug interactions.

Vaccines and Inoculations. Keep up with recommended shots, including for flu, shingles, pneumonia and diphtheria/tetanus, is vitally important — especially for the elderly men in our lives.

Healthy Eating & Exercise
. Older men have specific dietary needs. They need more calcium, vitamin D, fiber and potassium. Experts recommend limiting fat calories to 20 to 35 percent of your diet and suggest the following guidelines for daily calorie needs for men 50 and over:

  • Not active: 2,000
  • Moderately active: 2,200 to 2,400
  • Active: 2,400 to 2,800.

Additionally, it is recommended that senior men try to incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity, 5 times a week into their daily schedule (physical limitations, permitting.)

Sunscreen. Up to 50 percent of Americans who live to age 65 will have at least one skin cancer, and Caucasian men are particularly at risk. It’s never too late to take steps to prevent further damage from the sun. Try to avoid the sun during peak hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., wear a hat and sunglasses, and liberally apply SPF 30 or greater sunscreen to all exposed skin.

What else should you get every year? Well, a rectal exam, PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test, and hem-occult screening (screens the stool for microscopic amounts of blood that can be the first signs of polyps or colon cancer).

Prostate Cancer is drastic—it’s the second leading cause of cancer death for males only behind lung cancer. We are also seeing a rise in melanoma (skin cancer) diagnosis, killing twice as many men as women. When you visit the doctor, take a journal with you, jot down questions or symptoms you have been feeling.

This is your month, gentlemen—so stay healthy. These are just a few ways for men to stay healthy as they age, and there’s no better time to commit to better health than during Men’s Health Month! Do it for yourself—and your family.

And, if you do end up going to the doctor after reading this, feel free to reach out to us at We’re here for your Whole Health, always.

For more information and resources, go to



L-theanineDo you ever find yourself reading the ingredient label on the back of the bottle or package and wonder, ‘what the heck does all this stuff really do?’ Well, you’re not alone, and we can help. We’re going to take a closer look at L-theanine, an effective amino acid found in a number of PURE products that can aid in mental focus, improved sleep, relaxation, cognition and weight management.

Let’s dive right in.

What IS L-theanine?
It is a water-soluble amino acid naturally found in black tea leaves, green tea leaves and Bay Bolete mushrooms.

What does it do? Research shows that consuming L-theanine promotes an “alert calm” feeling. It also supports non-drowsy relaxation for cooler, calmer and more collected you.

Where can I find it? L-theanine is an active ingredient in PURE’s Daily Build, Metabolic One, and SleepTrim.

Here’s a look at each of these Whole Health products in the PURE line-up and exactly what L-theanine, in combination with other key ingredients, brings to the table.

Are you making sure you get all of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform at its best? PURE’s Daily Build (in both liquid or capsule form) offers the delivery of antioxidants, methylated (readily absorbed) B vitamins, and Phyto-vegetable and Phyto-fruit blends that help fight free radicals.

It also offers immune and cardiovascular support from eight different forms of vitamin E. Additionally, a combination of L-theanine, inositol, choline, PABA, vitamin D and resveratrol support brain and nervous system health.

Daily Build’s all-inclusive formula consists of twenty-three essential vitamins and minerals, vegetable extracts, antioxidants, phytonutrients, amino acids, trace minerals, neuro-protectors, cell defenders, and a host of other body-beneficial ingredients to support immune, nervous system, cardiovascular health and more. *

Are you a stress eater? Most of us have been guilty of this at some point, and we can end up frustrated after working so hard to stay on track with our health and fitness routines. But, PURE’s Metabolic One offers an effective way to help supercharge a sluggish metabolism. L-theanine, combined with adaptogen herbs, can produce a calming effect, helping to alleviate stress—and who can’t use a little less stress?

A unique blend of naturally occurring amino acids, nutrients, herbs, botanicals and caffeine work together to help support your weight management goals. Metabolic One also helps the body adjust to physical and emotional pressures that can lead to stress eating. In addition, it allows your body to utilize insulin more effectively, helping to curb appetite. *

Burning calories while you sleep? Sounds like a dream, right? With everyone’s new ‘at-home’ routine having become the new normal, quality sleep is key to a healthy lifestyle, and PURE’s SleepTrim can help you stay on track. If you are not getting the recommended seven-to-eight hours of sleep every night, you may be eating more, exercising less and gaining weight.

With a calming blend of botanicals (chamomile and passionflower), magnesium and L-theanine, SleepTrim helps the body relax mentally and physically.
SleepTrim’s Extended-Release Technology gently delivers melatonin in stages so you can fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. It’s formula also features a microencapsulated, extended-release technology that slowly delivers a blend of melatonin and blend of capsaicin and red pepper extract to help the body burn calories while you sleep. *

So, there you have it, the mystery behind L-theanine uncovered. We hope the next time you’re reading yet another complex label and spot this ingredient, you can rest easy knowing—you’re in the know on this one.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




Summer is here, and there is something about an ice pop that makes a hot day a-okay.  It harkens back to a time when we were kids and would hear that familiar ice cream truck song coming from a mile down the road.  We would instantly start hunting for change in the couch as fast as we could, or running around looking for our mom’s purseall the while trying to figure out what we would choose. Even now when I hear that tune I immediately get excited and start looking around for loose change.

As we get older and transition into a healthier lifestyle, we tend to give up things like ice pops.  They are generally full of sugar, food coloring and empty calories. NOT TODAY FRIENDS!  With PURE products, I have discovered  ENDLESS possibilities for making a healthier version of the beloved ice pop.  It’s just what you need after an intense workout or maybe just a little something in the afternoon to get over that pre-dinner 4 p.m. hump. Give these recipes for fruit ice pops, protein-powder-based smoothie pops and a  “fudge-sicle” a try while temps outside go up. They’re so good (and healthy), you may even be tempted to have one for breakfast! 

Each of these recipes makes 8 ice pops in my mold, but feel free to adjust the measurements for the ones you have. (Amazon is a great place to find all kinds of molds.)



  • 2 packets of PURE ENERGY powdered energy drink mix (flavor of your choice)
  • 2 cups of distilled water

Any fruit of your choice, chopped (my personal fave is ENERGY Mixed Berry, adding blackberries*)

Dissolve the powdered juice mix in the water and add to the ice pop molds.  Freeze for an hour or so and then add the chopped fruit.  Freeze for 8 hours or overnight.


INGREDIENTS  (makes 8 ice pops in my mold)

  • 1 can of full fat coconut milk (unsweetened)
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 6 tablespoons of PURE Vegan 360 Protein Shake
  • 1/4 cup carob chips

Blend all of the ingredients and pour into the ice pop molds. Freeze for 8 hours or overnight.


INGREDIENTS (Makes 8 pops in my ice molds)

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 can of full fat coconut milk (unsweetened)
  • 1 scoop of PURE Vanilla Shake
  • Any fruit of your choice (chopped)* or choc chips

Remember, creativity is key here! The combination of fruits, the different flavored ENERGY packets, the various types of milk, and the protein powders allow you to come up with dozens of flavor combos.


These are super fast to makeall you need is patience and a few ingredients. A few tips when you are making these:  When you freeze water it can taste a little different, so I highly recommend using distilled water if possible. Your ENERGY pops will turn out less cloudy and taste much better. I recommend using coconut milk because it freezes nicely (with fewer crystals), and gives you that creamy, milk-based texture.  So, there you have it. You get to feel like a kid again minus the any guilt. And not to worry…the smoothie recipes are kid-tested and highly approved!

*Note: I used frozen fruit. It gives a better texture and won’t brown while you’re waiting for the liquid to freeze.

Unknown-3Hey guys!  Before I get started on giving you all my secrets, I thought I would take the time to introduce myself!  My name is Elizabeth aka BB Cooks.  I am an Advertising Art Director, by day, and a wanna be chef in every other minute of spare time I have. My boyfriend, Jason, and I live in Easton PA with his son (9), daughter (7) and a precious puppy (3). Needless to say, our lives are pretty crazy!  No matter how insane it is around here we always make time to sit and have dinner together.  Food is where we come together and share our stories, our problems, our wins and lots and lots of laughs.

I have 2 very good friends that work at PURE corporate and once they introduced me to the products they carry I felt my brain start churning with ideas and we decided this would be a great way for me to share my love for food and my passion healthy living!  Whole health is at the forefront of my cooking and I can’t wait to share how PURE products have influenced my recipes.



Follow my instagram @BB_Cooks where you can find all the recipes from this blog as well as tons more drool worthy creations from my little kitchen.