PURE Destinations Amalfi Coast 2020

For those of you who have your hearts set on earning the PURE Destinations Amalfi Coast trip next summer, boy do we have a treat for you! Your home-away-from-home will be the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, one of Sorrento, Italy’s claim to fame.

Overlooking the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius, and surrounded by acres of lush gardens, the Excelsior Vittoria is an upscale hotel dating from 1834. Its impeccable service and location are rivaled only by its storied history. The hotel has hosted countless luminaries, including Marilyn Monroe, Luciano Pavarotti, and Sophia Loren. Setting foot inside will make you feel like a star! The best part? We’ll get to enjoy an all-to-ourselves experience as PURE has bought out the hotel for our group only!  Yes, you heard that right! The entire property will be filled with PURE leadership from around the globe so everyone you encounter will be a PURE staff member or achiever from around the globe!  

The rooms feature original period furniture and balconies with sea and garden views. You’ll enjoy breakfast in an ornate room with sea views and frescoed ceilings. Sip a cappuccino at your choice of two restaurants. Additional amenities include an outdoor pool, a spa and a fitness center. It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind destination that blends romance with luxury and unparalleled comforts.

This Mediterranean experience would not be complete without daily opportunities to explore some of Italy’s most famous cities at your leisure, shop local markets and practice your “Per Favore” and “Grazie” with the locals. The Excelsior Vittoria is the perfect base for exploring the picturesque coastline.

The qualification period for this trip-of-a-lifetime closes March 30, 2020. Inspire your team to achieve. Celebrate their hard work. Come experience this coastal gem June 15-20, 2020!  Stay tuned for more updates and learn how to qualify at https://livepure.com/incentive-trips.



Bermuda – setting the scene

As you get ready for your PURE Destinations trip to Bermuda, we wanted to share some great books and blogs that depict the paradise that is Bermuda. Whether you are into novels, non-fiction or travel guides, these fantastic stories will connect you with the island before you set foot there.


  • A Home with No Roof, by Wayne W. Whicher – A little bit of romance, humor and thrill, this story will transport you to this beautiful island.
  • Under the Moon Gate, by Marilyn Baron – A sea captain tries to find buried gold on a Bermuda heriress’s family’s property during WWII. A moon gate is one of the signature landmarks of Bermuda and legend has it that people who walk through one are blessed with good luck.
  • Island Thyme: Tastes and Traditions of Bermuda, by Bermuda Junior Service League – A must-read for any cook.
  • Mark Twain in Paradise: His Voyages to Bermuda, Donald Hoffmann – A comprehensive study of Clemens’s love affair with Bermuda.


Are you ready to check Bermuda off your bucket list? The 2019 Bermuda Cruise includes a six-day, five-night cruise sailing on August 3 aboard the Grandeur of the Seas.

Qualify by June 17, 2019 to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn more at livepure.com/Bermuda-cruise-2019. Here you can also read the itinerary, track your progress and share the trip with others.

Any questions? Reach out to our Sales Support Team at salessupport.livepure.com or call 866-535-588.


Remember the real meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day officially marks the beginning of summer as we fire up the grill and enjoy time together.  Many of us are celebrating graduations, picnicking and planning vacations.  It’s a time to revel in the sun and just feel good.

The three-day weekend brings out a lot of excitement, but it’s also time to remember the true meaning of the holiday. It’s a special day to mourn the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives defending this country. We’re reminded of the tremendous price Americans paid throughout history to preserve our democracy, our values and our way of life.

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day in the 1800s, a time to honor those who died in the Civil War. People celebrated by decorating the graves of the fallen. General John A. Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) designated May 30 as a day “for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land.”1

Originally, only soldiers who had died in the Civil War were honored. The first observance of the holiday after the Civil War was in Charleston, South Carolina on May 1, 1865.2  After WWI, the holiday extended honor to all Americans who have died while in military service. Their ultimate sacrifice is the reason for the freedoms we have today. We must not take those for granted.

Harry S. Truman said, “Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices.” No, we will never forget, and we can still make a difference by proudly supporting our veterans.

PURE invites you to give back with a simple dollar donation. A dollar might not seem like much, but it’s life changing to a veteran. As you prepare those hot dogs and hamburgers, take just a moment to visit livepure.com/giveback to support the Disabled American Veterans organization, American veterans and their families. They were there for you, be there for them.

Remember our heroes! They never die; they live in our memories!

Happy Memorial Day!

1 https://armyhistory.org/general-john-a-logan-memorial-day-founder/

2 http://www.10-facts-about.com/Memorial-Day/id/1366

PURE GPS Performance line hits a home run with Korean baseball team

Live PURE Korea has been selected as the official nutrition sponsor of the KT Wiz South Korean professional baseball team for the second year in a row, providing the players with the GPS Performance line of products. Live PURE Korea is also the official sponsor of the KT Sonic Boom South Korean professional basketball team.

Live PURE Korea’s Sales and Marketing Director, Byung Chul Lee, and KT Wiz’s Director, Hae-young Song, attended the sponsorship ceremony on April 18, 2019, surrounded by a cheering crowd at KT Wiz Park, their home stadium in Suwon, South Korea. He said, “With this continued sponsorship, we are happy to be able to maintain our contribution of GPS products for the enhancement of the health and athletic performance of KT Wiz’s Pro baseball players.”

The products in the GPS System are 100% natural and backed by science. They provide amino acids, support muscle health, replenish vital nutrients and promote support through all phases of a workout. The Korean GPK Sports line includes Enogy (GPS Circulate and GPS Energize in the U.S.), Adapt, Supply (GPS Hydrate in the U.S.) and Rebuild. Furthermore, these products are Informed-Sport Certified. They are free of banned substances and are safe to consume by professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. 

Hae-young Song, KT Wiz managing director stated, “We are thankful for Live PURE Korea for sponsoring GPS products that have passed the Informed-Sport Anti-Doping test. The products are receiving rave reviews and continuous requests from the players. We have a great feeling about this season, as the players’ performances have noticeably improved.”

Following this sponsorship ceremony, Live PURE Korea plans to host a Live PURE Brand Day and other various events in partnership with the KT Wiz Baseball team.


PURE Destinations Maui – know before you go

We’re counting down the days until the 2019 Maui “Diamond” Experience on July 11-17 and we want to make sure you’re prepared.

Below is the day-by-day itinerary to help you start planning and packing for this trip-of-a-lifetime. Along with the many beautiful sights you’ll see, we’ve left plenty of room for resting, relaxing and enjoying activities that are uniquely you.

The Itinerary:

Thursday, July 11

  • Transfer from Kahului Airport (OGG) to the Grand Wailea
  • Check in at the Grand Wailea
  • 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Welcome to Maui Reception! Grand Dining Room
    – Heavy appetizers, cocktails and desserts

Friday, July 12

  • Day at Leisure
  • 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Black Diamond and above dinner (Invitation only)
    – Chapel Overlook

Saturday, July 13

  • Day at Leisure
  • 4:15 p.m. Depart for a sunset Dinner Cruise
    – Set sail making memories that will last a lifetime. Experience an iconic Maui sunset, enjoy great company and savor in the local cuisine and drink.

Sunday, July 14

  • 9:00 a.m. Depart for Lahaina
    – Experience local shops, beaches and more – all at your own pace!
  • 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Come-and-go lunch at the Dirty Monkey
  • 3:00 p.m. Meet at the Dirty Monkey to depart Lahaina and return to Grand Wailea

Monday, July 15   –  Day at Leisure

Tuesday, July 16

  • Day at Leisure
  • 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Farewell Luau Dinner at the Chapel Lawn
    – Enjoy a traditional Hawaiian Luau – roasted pig, fire dancers, hula dancing and photo ops.

Wednesday, July 17

  • 12:00 p.m. Check out of the Grand Wailea
  • Transfer to Kahului Airport (OGG) from the Grand Wailea
    – Transfer times vary based on departure flight times

As you pack for this exciting weekend, take the following helpful tips into consideration.

You’re likely to spend most of your time out in the sun or in the water. You don’t need much, so pack items you can mix and match with swimwear. Women might consider bringing a sun hat, maxi dress, kaftan, sandals and a tote bag. Men might consider bringing a wide-brimmed hat, quick-drying, short-sleeves shirts, light jacket, shorts, comfortable walking shoes and lightweight long pants. Don’t for your sunglasses, lip balm and sunscreen, too.

An additional perk! Everyone will receive a $500 room credit (yes, everyone in your room gets this!) that can be used towards restaurants or spa/resort activities, such as the options below:

Due to peak travel we recommend that you take a few moments to book any additional activities, such as a spa treatment, dinner reservations at the Grand Wailea, tee time, or an additional excursion.

Are you a golfer looking for a tee time? Wailea Blue Golf Course (https://www.waileagolf.com/) is within walking distance of the Wailea Hotel. Tee times can be booked 45 days in advance. Additional activities across the island can be found here:  https://www.grandwailea.com/experience/maui-adventures/

Are your kids coming to Maui? If so, we can’t wait to meet them! If you would like a night to yourself, take advantage of the Nanny Connection services through the Grand Wailea. Call (808) 667-5777 or (808) 875-4777 for more details.

Get ready to kick back and enjoy the magic of Maui. If you have any questions about your trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us at puredestinations@livepure.com.

Keynote speaker at UNITE: Together Towards Tomorrow

We are excited to announce a truly inspiring speaker and author at UNITE: Together Towards Tomorrow, October 18-19 in Allen, Texas.  Mr. Rudy Ruettiger, renowned author, speaker and one of the most famous graduates of the University of Notre Dame, will join us as the keynote speaker!

One of fourteen children, Rudy overcame adversity to achieve a lifelong dream — to attend University of Notre Dame and play football for the Fighting Irish. In his legendary moment, he sacked the quarterback in the twenty-seven seconds of the only play of his college football career — one of the greatest plays in sports history.

Rudy’s message of overcoming obstacles and staying on track to reach your dreams will truly inspire you! His story of perseverance and determination were major factors in achieving his goals and proof that anyone can rise above and succeed. His passionate delivery will have you leaving your seat with an “I can” attitude.

In 1993, TRISTAR Productions immortalized Rudy’s life story with the film, RUDY. It is critically acclaimed and received “Two Thumbs Up” from Siskel and Ebert. It is commonly known as one of the all-time great sports films.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Rudy! Go to http://unite.livepure.com/ today to purchase your tickets to UNITE. Forward this email to your team and encourage them to attend.

Be there! Allen, Texas, October 18-19.

Register Now!


Getting to know Gray Gaulding

I recently had the chance to chat with Gray Gaulding, PURE Independent Business Owner (IBO) and NASCAR driver. Since it’s NASCAR Day, I thought what better time to get to know this athlete a bit better.

Gray has a passion for the sport, for the fans and for giving back. He is a pleasure to talk to and really knows his sport. He represents the PURE brand on and off the track each week and takes the products to improve his health and his performance.

Did you play with cars as a child? “Yes, I loved playing with cars. I played with Matchbox cars until I was about 10 years old, racing them around on the floor. I still have bags and bags of them in my house.”

What words do you think best describe you? “Happy! I would say I am happy 99 percent of the time. I am outgoing and humble and I tell a good joke every now and then.”

What’s the allure of racing for you? “Definitely the adrenaline rush you get when racing against the best competitors.”

If you could have any passenger in your car, who would it be, and why? “I would want Tiger Woods with me. I love golf and Tiger, in my mind, is the greatest athlete around. To ride with him would definitely be a bucket list item.”

Do you ever talk to yourself inside your car? What do you say? “Ha, you don’t want to know what I say! I can get pretty frustrated on the track because things don’t always go the way you expect them to.  Other times I’ll motivate myself, saying things like, “This is the time!’”

What is the biggest compliment you’ve ever received? “Once an older fan told me that I’m the most approachable race car driver he’s ever met. He said I’m humble and easy to talk to. This came from a fan who has been to numerous races and has met many drivers.”

If you had a day off to do anything, besides racing, what would you do? “We live in North Carolina and like to spend time at Lake Norman. My girlfriend and I like to go fishing and we bring the radio and just relax. Being outside is great for just chilling.”

If you could design your own racetrack, what would it look like? “The oval track is standard. I would create a road course with a fan zone, close to the garage. I would have concerts, bars, restaurants; yeah, my racetrack would cost the most money.”

Do you have a favorite racing story? “Yes! I still remember my first ride at the age of 18. It was Jeff Gordon’s last ride, efore he retired. I got to ride with him which is a day I’ll never forget.”

For those who can’t risk getting a speeding ticket, describe the feeling you get driving at speeds we can’t even imagine? “Well, when you’re going 200 miles per hour, there’s a great amount of danger at stake. As a race car driver, you don’t think of those things. You’re 3 inches from another car and anything could happen … a crash, you could blow a tire, or go airborne.”

If the president of NASCAR was an elected position, would you run and why? “I would absolutely run for president. Having been around racing my whole life, I know I’d be able to make the sport better for racers and the families. I consider myself a great leader, not a follower. I listen to others, and that would mean paying close attention to the needs of current drivers and fans. I wish that would happen!”

Gray’s favorite products by PURE are the GPS line, ENERGY and GoYin. We are thrilled to have him as part of our PURE family!

Good luck on the track!

PURE Destinations: Bermuda

Bermuda is a group of islands like none other — it’s where British culture blends with laid-back Caribbean beats and where pastel-colored homes, pink-sand beaches and green fairways dot the landscape. PURE is bound for this spectacular island getaway this August on the PURE Destinations 2019 Summer Cruise.

Bermuda, the main island, is only 22 miles in length and 2 miles across at its widest point, so no matter where you stand, you’ll have breathtaking views of blue for as far as the eye can see. Not just any blue, but the most beautiful turquoise blue!

The island is divided into districts, or parishes. Three major roads run from east to west: North Shore Road, Middle Road and South Road. This is the largest port on the island and where our cruise ship will dock, at King’s Wharf.

Points of Interest

Hamilton, the capital, is centrally located on the island. This is Bermuda’s financial center with a population of just over 1,000. Wave to Bermuda shorts-clad businessmen on their scooters making their way to work. Explore the town by foot and admire the brightly colored buildings. Excellent golfing and shopping opportunities abound as well as museums, art galleries and gardens. Notable things to see:

  • Bermuda Aquarium – discover Bermuda’s underwater ecosystem
  • Fort Hamilton – historic site with breathtaking views
  • Front Street – clothing, jewelry and souvenir shopping
  • Crystal Caves – discovered by boys looking for their lost cricket ball
  • Queen Elizabeth Park – garden with statues and monuments

St. George is a quaint town with cobblestone streets, historic buildings and colonial architecture. This is Bermuda’s former capital and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located on the east end of the island. Notable things to see:

  • Tucker House Museum – a look at early Bermudian life
  • St. Peter’s Church – oldest Anglican church in Western hemisphere
  • Tobacco Bay beach – underwater coral reefs
  • King’s Square – local gathering place
  • Fort St. Catherine – dioramas and antique weapons

The Royal Naval Dockyard is a 19-century fortress located at the west end of the island, in Sandy’s Parish. This historic site was used during the War of 1812. It was a strategic base for England in the Atlantic and an active shipyard during the First and Second World Wars. It is now home to shopping, dining and entertainment. Notable things to see:

  • Dolphin Quest – interactive encounter
  • National Museum of Bermuda – maritime and island history
  • Snorkel Park – see natural wonders of the sea
  • Clocktower shopping mall – galleries and shops
  • Bermuda Rum Cake Company – a traditional treat

Are you ready to check Bermuda off your bucket list? The 2019 Bermuda Cruise includes a six-day, five-night cruise sailing on August 3 aboard the Grandeur of the Seas.

Qualify by June 17, 2019 to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Learn more at livepure.com/Bermuda-cruise-2019. Here you can also read the itinerary, track your progress and share the trip with others.

Any questions? Reach out to our Sales Support Team at salessupport@livepure.com or call 866-535-588.

UNITE 2019: Together Towards Tomorrow

The wait is over! You can buy your tickets now for the October Event – UNITE 2019: Together Towards Tomorrow! You will want to act fast before Early Bird pricing is gone.

At UNITE, Independent Business Owners (IBOs) from around the world will gather to learn, share and be motivated by top PURE leaders. The UNITE 2019 Experience will include education and training, motivation and inspiration, a first look at new products, exclusive access to new products at event-only pricing, and exclusive SWAG!

  • When: October 18-19, 2019
  • Where: Allen, Texas
  • Who: Independent Business Owners and Customers. Children under 18 years of age are free to attend.
  • How: Click here to learn more, purchase tickets and book your hotel
  • Limited-Time Early-Bird Pricing:  $89 through May 5 ($50 savings over onsite event pricing!)

Being united is the driving force behind our success, and at UNITE, collaboration and community will take center stage. Learn from the experts, walk away with knowledge and tools to extend your reach and connect with people from around the world who are eager to take PURE to new heights.

Act fast! Register now for UNITE 2019 and receive limited-time Early Bird pricing.

For more information or questions about UNITE 2019, please contact events@livepure.com or 866-535-5888.


Get into the swing of network marketing

I’ve casually golfed a few times in my life, though I couldn’t tell you what my handicap is. I can play a mean game of miniature golf; I’m a pro at hitting the ball through the rotating windmill every time.

I’ve played enough of both games to be familiar with the equipment, some of the rules and the importance of skill development. Today on National Golf Day, let’s take a look at some golfing terminology and how it relates to network marketing.

Can you read the greens?

  1. Golf Clubs – You can have a maximum of 14 clubs in your golf bag, according to the USGA. It’s important to choose which club to use for which shot. Likewise, products by PURE target specific needs so you want to choose correctly. Just as one selects their clubs to their shot; customize the products by PURE to your body’s needs.
  2. Caddie – They don’t just clean clubs, replace divots and carry your gear, they may advise on club selection or recommend strategies. Likewise, your upline is your mentor and is available to offer advice. They’ve walked in your footsteps and know the tools you need to succeed. A good caddie can be worth several strokes a round; a good leader can propel your business to unimaginable heights.
  3. Grand Slam – This is when a golfer wins four major championships in the same year. I like to compare this to our CORE4 set of products, HealthTrim® Cleanse, GoYin, Daily Build and ENERGY, which together form a strong foundation and help set the stage for optimal wellness. Winning four championships fuels your career; CORE4 fuels your body with key nutrients to maximize you.
  4. Grain – Talk about details! Golfers can be very adept at knowing which way the grain runs in grass, as it can affect the direction a putt breaks. When you are that in tune with your customer’s needs and wants, you will win them over. Don’t try to go against the grain in golf or your business.
  5. Mechanics – How you swing and hold the club may be basic principles, but they play a big part in your game. As a network marketer, you have tools at your disposal to help you work on your swing. How you hold the club is just as important as the way you contact your prospects, share product benefits and follow up.
  6. Follow-through – This action in a golf swing will help you gain proper tempo and the correct finishing point. How about in your business? Do you consistently finish strong? Building momentum in your follow-through will help you win the game; building strong relationships in your business will open many doors.
  7. Press – This is when you try and hit the ball harder than usual. Don’t overdo it. Your outcome is dependent on your actions, no one else’s. In golf, there’s no one to blame for a shot except yourself; in network marketing, be yourself; be natural.

It’s time to tee up — are you ready? Next time you play golf, think about how it can help with your PURE business. Conversely, next time you pitch your story to a customer, get some inspiration from your game of golf.

The Masters begin on April 11. Apply some of golfing’s lessons to your business. Find your strengths and play to those. You just might make some birdies!