PUREGen Africa launches PurXcel in Nigeria

PUREGen Africa, Nigeria, recently celebrated the approval and licensure of a new health-promoting technology, called PurXcel, by The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

PurXcel is a product that delivers clinically effective Tri-Active Technology (bioavailable Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, and Aloe Acemannan) in a proprietary blend of 18 complementary ingredients designed to help cleanse, balance and build the body at a cellular level. These ingredients have clinically demonstrated significant improvements in overall health by supporting the body’s ability to neutralize damaging free radicals and remove toxins. 

PURE is committed to help Africans gain access to high-quality, highly effective products that can  support optimal health. PurXcel is already available in the PUREGen Africa, Ghana market. Fred Ansah, director of PUREGen Ghana said, “There are positive testimonies coming from the Ghanaian people who have used PurXcel and have experienced its tremendous benefits. It has become a product of choice and is recommended by doctors and pharmacists here. With the massive impact PurXcel is having in Ghana, we know it will create a lot of attention in Nigeria as well.”

PURE launched six products in the Nigeria market in August 2019. PURE Independent Business Owners and Preferred Customers can now purchase PurXcel from the Nigeria office. The Nigeria office offers free shipping of products throughout the country. Products can also be picked up at several stockist locations across Nigeria.

People interested in learning more about the products by PURE and the opportunity in Nigeria can participate in seminars at Nigeria’s main office on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The Nigeria office regularly hosts Super Saturday meetings and health symposiums/outreaches in different cities every week.

Keto and products by PURE

What is the number-one diet trend for 2019? According to a recent annual survey among Registered Dietitians (RDs), keto, or ketogenic, was the “most popular diet” among consumers1. Interestingly, second on their list was intermittent fasting. It should be no surprise that keto also topped the list as the number-one diet googled in 20182…ten times more popular than other top trending diets. Others on this list included the carnivore, Mediterranean, fasting, and low-FODMAP diets.

While different in many aspects, outside of fasting of course, all of these diets have one theme in common. Each focus on modifying carbohydrate (CHO) intake and reducing refined CHOs and added sugars. Estimations as to how much sugar an individual consumes on an annual basis varies, but we can safely say the amount of sugar eaten is at an all-time high.

Low-carb diets

Personally, I dislike the word diet. To me, it represents a departure from taking a healthy, balanced approach to eating, it generally focuses on extreme limitation (or hyper-focus on a few allowable foods),  and it’s not sustainable in the long-term. When I think of some popular diets fitting into this category, the cabbage soup, master cleanse (lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water 6 to 12 times a day), tuna and baby food diets come to mind.

In addition to their extreme tenets, these diets lack scientific substantiation to support their effectiveness and safety. It would not surprise me if some individuals reading this blog might ask, “Shouldn’t the ketogenic diet be added this list?” I know many well-educated, nutrition and health professionals who would agree. Unfortunately, low-carb to most individuals means indiscriminately eating a lot of meat loaded with saturated fat (i.e. original Atkins diet) while excluding almost all other foods. This is not a ketogenic diet.

Many associate a low-carb diet with no-carb. A bias against these eating plans still runs deep despite the fact they have been proven to be safe and effective in numerous, well-designed clinical trials. In 2018 there were over 300 studies published on the ketogenic diet3. Some lasted for more than two years showing not only it’s “longer-term” safety, but also demonstrating its ability to be followed for an extended time. It may be a surprise to some, but technically CHOs are not essential nutrients since the body can make glucose from protein when needed4. However, CHOs do contain many nutrients like fiber and disease-preventing phytonutrients, which are important to good health. Their complete avoidance is not recommended.

What exactly does ketogenic mean and what are ketones?

Almost all CHOs are broken down into smaller substances called glucose, which is a primary source of energy used to fuel the body. The body can also make glucose from protein, if necessary. In the absence of CHOs or high amounts of protein, the body can also make energy (ketones) from fat. The process of converting fat into energy is called ketogenesis or nutritional ketosis. Once the body depletes its stores of glucose, the body will use fat and fat stores to make ketones, which can also be used as a source of energy5. This effect is the key to weight loss when following this plan.

Eating low-carb should focus on eating lots of non-starchy vegetables (CHOs) including greens (spinach and all kinds of lettuce), mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green peppers and more. Moderate amounts of certain fruits can be eaten. Berries are especially good due to their lower sugar content including strawberries, raspberries, black berries and blueberries6. Other fruits can also be included as long as their total CHO content in grams (g) is considered. Putting an emphasis on these healthier CHO sources can make it a plant-focused eating plan. Avoiding refined CHOs, especially those with added sugar, is also an important element of a low-carb lifestyle.

By reducing CHO intake, fat and protein take its place to ensure enough calories are obtained. It is important to eat enough protein to maintain muscle mass and provide essential amino acids necessary for various biochemical functions within the body. Protein can also be used to make sufficient glucose needed by the brain4. The key to eating keto is to not eat too much protein. Remember protein converts to glucose, so too much protein will take the body out of nutritional ketosis. When following the keto plan, fat should be a primary factor when planning what to eat. For most this is difficult as we have been programmed for so long to avoid fat in order to lose weight. Healthy sources of fat include extra virgin olive oil, olives, avocadoes, butter, coconut oil and more6. There is no need to avoid them when following keto. Fat can also prolong the time a person feels full as fat digests slower than protein and CHOs.

Achieving weight loss on keto

The key to achieving weight loss when following a ketogenic eating plan is to carefully monitor your intake of CHOs in grams consumed. Most people will start generating ketones when their carbohydrate is limited between 20 to 50 g a day. Initially, your body needs about 48 to 72 hours in order to switch from glucose as a primary source of energy to ketones. This transition period may cause nausea, constipation and headaches, often called the “keto flu” lasting 1 to 4 days7. This is normal and can be minimized significantly by consuming adequate fluid and electrolytes like sodium (i.e. broth). Once desired weight loss is achieved, CHOs can be increased, but I recommend keeping them to no more than 100 to 130 g a day. This is the actual RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for carbohydrates established by the National Academies of Sciences4.

Keto-friendly products by PURE

There are several products by PURE, which are more keto-friendly than others, but almost all can be used if you are staying within the sweet spot of 20 to 50 g of CHOs daily. For example, 360 Complete Shakes contain 19 g of carbohydrates, which seems like a lot; however, when you deduct the fiber content (11 g) from total CHO, the net carb content is 8 g. I do not include fiber as part of my daily CHO intake. When using products by PURE, take into consideration their net CHO content. Daily Build liquid provides 8 g CHO, but I use Daily Build capsules since they contain less than 1 g CHO per serving. Goyin has 3 g net carbs.

The PURE encapsulated products like Daily Detox, Sleep Trim, Immune6, Cleanse (including liquid), GPS Adapt, Serene, etc. do not contain enough CHO to limit them beyond the recommended serving amounts. CalciuMK+ contains 3 g of total CHO per serving, so it too can be used as part of a ketogenic eating plan. Another acceptable product is the ENERGY with all its flavor variations. This product contains 6 g of total CHO, but 3 g are from naturally-sourced erythritol, which can be deducted because it does not provide calories as a source of energy. Mila is also a great keto-friendly product, because it contains 0 g of net carbs (5 g fiber).

Due to the diet’s prominence, foods like almond and coconut flours, which can be used for baking; are now readily available. There are many great low-carb recipes on line making the keto lifestyle easier-than-ever to adopt and follow. Be careful, as “low-carb” by some individuals’ definition would not fit into a ketogenic plan since they contain too much CHOs. Remember, the goal is to keep CHO intake to 20 to 50 g a day during weight loss.

Lastly, as a word of caution, persons using insulin or other glycemic medications, and individuals with cardiovascular disease, should consult with a physician prior to adopting a ketogenic eating plan. Low-carb eating limits the production of and need for insulin, so adjustments to medications will likely be necessary. Blood sugar that is too low is very dangerous. Adjustments made to medication should only be done under the guidance and supervision of a licensed physician. Studies show eating a ketogenic diet significantly lowers blood triglycerides and increases HDL cholesterol, but may also increase LDL cholesterol. Opinions are mixed, but if your doctor has asked you to limit your intake of saturated fat due to certain cardiovascular risk factors, you should follow their advice.

By Darin Blackhurst, MS, PURE, Director, R&D and Quality


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A PURE Destinations Aloha

Pineapples, Macadamia nuts, luaus, sunsets, leis, beaches … all things that are quintessential Maui! The PURE Destinations trip last week was all of this and more. 

PURE had the opportunity to celebrate the successes of our global leaders with 121 guests from Australia, Korea, Thailand and the United States. It was a time for these individual to celebrate their accomplishments while spending time with fellow leaders sharing tips, tricks and lessons learned along the way. Seventeen of the attendees were first-time achievers, so it was great to see the relationships they were able to build with the more tenured leaders sharing their experiences and advice.

Grand Wailea

We welcomed our guests to the Grand Wailea property where they were treated to bags with our Maui logo and special gifts for the kids, so they could immediately hit the pool or beach! The Grand Wailea was an expansive property filled with restaurants, shopping venues, gyms, an award-winning spa, beautiful gardens, breathtaking beach views, a lazy river, a water elevator and multiple water slides perfect for the kids or that kid in each of us!

For many, it was a trip to remember even though it began not according to plan. Most of our travelers were impacted by arson that started a fire in a dormant sugarcane field. This led to thick smoke shutting down all roads and leaving travelers stranded on buses for hours.  However, that didn’t hold these amazing travelers down. Later that evening, stories were shared and memories began to be made at the welcome reception with breathtaking views from the terrace overlooking the beauty of the island.

The following day, everyone got to check out the property, relax poolside or beachside, or explore all that the island had to offer. We surprised our guests with three hours to shop and experience a custom sunglasses fitting with Maui Jim. Each guest (kids included!) got to select their perfect pair of Maui sunglasses to take home. The excitement and expressions from everyone were priceless and it was fun watching them help one another shop and give feedback on “the perfect pair of glasses.”

That evening we celebrated our top global achievers with a special dinner. We brought together our Black Diamond and above ranks around the globe with a special toast from our founder and Chairman of the Board, Mr.  Jung.

The next day everyone had the freedom to explore and relax. In the evening we set sail for an iconic Hawaiian sunset. Our group boarded two chartered ships, enjoyed great company, ate amazing food, listened to Ukulele music, and took in the breathtaking beauty of the Hawaiian sunsets. It truly was an experience of a lifetime and the beauty of the sky was overwhelming as the sun fell behind the endless ocean.

Day three was a day of shopping and eating! We loaded up the buses for a visit to Lahaina where we shopped for souvenirs, gifts and keepsakes to represent Hawaii. As guests boarded the buses, we handed out shopping bags and cash to get their shopping started. While in Lahaina, we rented out the Dirty Monkey restaurant, a local favorite with a great vibe, where everyone could grab a drink, snacks and food. It became a great hangout where people could share their recent finds, get input from fellow achievers and just enjoy the great company!

The following day, many visited the spa and some relaxed poolside and beachside while others took helicopter tours of the islands, ventured up the Road to Hana, snorkeled/dove the Molokini Crater or watched the Haleakala sunrise at 10,000 feet!

The last full day in Maui was a day for our achievers to take in the beauty of the island and the property. The evening was a night to remember as we hosted a private luau complete with hula dancing, fire dancers, lawn games and a feast fit for a king. It truly was a great way to say farewell to old friends and new and reflect on the amazing week and accomplishments that brought everyone together.



A couple of reoccurring highlights throughout the trip from our guests were the Napua Tower and gifts from the “PURE Fairies.” The Napua Tower provided daily times where there were breakfast, snacks and drinks allowing achievers to build a community and truly get to know one another. It was fun watching the relationships bud and grow through this common area. Also, each night the guests returned to their rooms with a special gift reflective of the island and their experiences in Maui. The achievers coined the delivery of this as “a gift from the PURE Fairies.”

Overall, it was a trip to remember and a memorable page in the book of life for all achievers. Saint Augustine once shared, “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.” What page will you be reading next?

Check out how you can earn a trip to the Riviera Maya next March and the Amalfi Coast in Italy next June through PURE Destinations. https://livepure.com/incentive-trips

 By: Shay Kiper, Vice-President of Marketing

Eat for peak performance

Eat like a Pan Am athlete this summer. With the Pan American Games only a week away, starting July 26, there is a lot of attention about the incredible talents of the athletes. Their performances will hopefully inspire you to increase your physical activity and eat more like an athlete.

Whether you’re a weekend gardener or a professional athlete, your body requires optimal nourishment. The quality of food is important to ensure you’re receiving top nutrients, but it’s also important not to deprive yourself. In her book, Eat Like an Athlete, author Simone Austin says, “We’re not going on a diet, we’re not making ourselves feel deprived, we’re not judging ourselves [for what we eat] too much, and we’re still enjoying food. Food is about enjoyment.”

So how do you eat like an athlete?

We know that our energy needs increase when we’re active. Most people need between 1,500 and 2,000 calories a day. For athletes, this number can increase by 500 to 1,000 more calories.1

  1. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables … at least five servings per day, including a variety of colors. One serving is approximately the size of a baseball. Add Greens to your smoothies for extra vitamins and minerals.
  2. Choose whole grain carbohydrates such as whole-wheat bread or pasta. Avoid sugary cereals, white breads and bagels.
  3. Choose healthy sources of protein such as chicken, turkey, fish, peanut butter, eggs, Greek yogurt, coconut oil, flax seed, Mila, nuts and legumes.
  4. Hydrate! A loss of sweat equals 2% of body weight and this can cause a noticeable decrease of physical and mental performance.  Losses of 5% or more of body weight during physical activity may decrease the capacity for work by roughly 30%.2  Energize your daily workout with sugar-free, anti-oxidant rich ENERGY. Replenish vital fluids, electrolytes and nutrients, while quenching your thirst, with GPS Hydrate.
  5. Stick with whole food options instead of processed foods.

Navigate to your peak performance with GPS

Whatever your level of activity, from yard work to general fitness to professional athlete, let GPS guide your performance. GPS Energize, GPS Circulate and GPS Adapt help prepare you physically and mentally by providing nutrients to muscles and organs and helping you adapt to physical stressors. GPS Hydrate replenishes lost liquids, GPS Rebuild restores energy to muscles and GPS Reset resets hormones while burning calories while you sleep.*

Use all six products as a system for best results or customize their use to your nutrient and energy requirements.

Energize, Circulate, Hydrate, Rebuild and Reset are all Informed-Sport Certified so you can be assured they have been tested for banned substances and are safe to use.

Get your sport on

Want to create some friendly competition with your friends or family? There are so many ways to get active. Did you know that race walking is one of the sports in the Pan Am games? Practice during your lunch hour, or when walking your kids to the park. It would be fun to hold your own triathlon at home. Plan a bike/run/swim event, or just a bike/run event if you don’t have access to a pool or a lake.

The Pan American Games begin on July 26 and run through August 11 this year. Have a watching party and cheer for your favorites! Get inspired to increase your activity and be sure to eat like an athlete to optimize your performance.


1 https://familydoctor.org/nutrition-for-athletes/.

2 http://www.sportscardiologybc.org/the-effects-of-hydration-on-athletic-performance/

A-camping you should go

Summer is officially here which means it’s prime time for camping. It’s the perfect time to spend the night outdoors.

I loved camping as a child. I remember learning how to use a compass navigating through deep forests while singing Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah. Today, the smell of pine reminds me of those outdoor sojourns, roasting marshmallows by campfire and telling ghost stories while falling asleep under the stars.

Whether you’re into camping or not, being one with nature has many health benefits. Communing with the trees is a natural stress reliever and offers peace of mind. Studies have shown that sleeping outdoors can reset your biological clock. Increased light during the day and lack of light after dark helps realign the body’s circadian clock.1 Just breathing in fresh air and getting exercise is reason enough to put on your hiking boots and get out the tent.

Make sure to pack a bottle of Skin Defense to safeguard yourself from the unpredictable elements in the environment. The safe, stable and natural ingredients in this must-have spray help the body manage minor wounds without harming delicate cells that aid in recovery. Use it on minor cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, blisters, insect bites and dry skin.

When you camp, you’re limited to what you can cook on the fire, and that’s a good thing. Packing healthy snacks, like granola bars, is a great way to get some nutrition. Of course, don’t forget the marshmallows! Below are some recipes that incorporate products by PURE that are easy to make and pack for a night under the stars.

Lemon ENERGY Granola Bars (makes 10 bars containing 48 mg caffeine each)


  • 2 heaping cups quick oats
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • 6 tablespoons honey
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • 4 packets Lemon ENERGY
  • ¼ cup chopped, roasted macadamia nuts (optional)
  • ¼ cup chopped dried pineapple
  • 2 tablespoons white chocolate chips
  • Shredded coconut to taste

Directions: Combine honey, coconut oil, and water in a small pot. Stirring continuously, heat liquids on low until thickness is reduced. In a mixing bowl, combine oats and ENERGY; pour liquid mixture over dry mixture until oats clump together. Add nuts (optional), pineapple, and chocolate chips and mix until incorporated. Spread on baking pan. Top with coconut and press firmly to help all ingredients stick together. Chill in fridge for 20 minutes; remove, cut into 10 bars, and cover in saran wrap for later!


Superfruit Gelatin

One cup of Goji mixed with ¾ cup apple juice works well. Or combine ¾ cup of Acai and 1 cup of grape juice. Mangosteen does not set up well, so you may wish to avoid using this superfruit as well as Fusion.


  • 1 ¾ cups superfruit/fruit juice
  • ¼ cup boiled water
  • 1 tablespoon gelatin

Directions: Boil water. While waiting, whisk gelatin into ¼ cup juice and mix until smooth. Add boiled water to juice and gelatin mixture and whisk. Add remaining fruit juice and whisk until combined. Pour gelatin mixture into a pan and allow to set in fridge for at least two hours.


Target Hydration

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” – a Slavakian proverb

We all know the importance of drinking water, but it never hurts to remind about how important it really is. Personally, I forget to drink water throughout the day. I need to set an alarm on my phone to remind myself to drink.

Think about this for a minute. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs are about 83% water, the skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79% water and the bones are 31% water.1  No wonder we feel “off” when we are dehydrated; our organs simply can’t function properly when they are lacking hydration.

And what is water doing in all these organs? Look at this:









Image: https://www.usgs.gov/media/images/water-you-what-water-does-your-body

Quench your thirst with products by PURE

PURE has three products that will ensure you are happy and well hydrated.

ENERGY drink mix is a healthy way to enjoy water, and get added antioxidants, botanicals and natural sources of caffeine. It is the perfect alternative to sugar laden, artificially sweetened energy drinks on the market. Plus, it comes in your choice of five delicious flavors. Use ENERGY to make ice cubes to add to water bottles for a little flavor. Or, make refreshing popsicles.

GPS Hydrate is a must during exercise or high-impact activity where you body loses water. Hydrate replenishes those vital fluids, electrolytes and nutrients the body loses during exercise. It also quenches thirst while supplying a blend of amino acids, carbohydrates and B vitamins. The fruit punch flavor is perfect for ice cubes or popsicles.

Alkaline Water Concentrate improves the alkalinity of your drinking water. Why is alkalinity important? Alkalinity acts as a buffer, protecting the water from sudden shifts in pH. Highly acidic water contains high levels of toxic metals. A balance is important, and Alkaline Water Concentrate contains no added sugars or preservatives. Combine it with GPS Hydrate to help support your fluid intake.



Team up for health

Who is on your side when it comes to your health? Do you visit a doctor regularly, or only when necessary?

I tend to visit my doctor at the earliest symptom, just because I would rather nip whatever it is in the bud before it has a chance to become something worse. Going to the doctor regularly is the best way to prevent anything from happening. If you wait until there really is a need, you may not receive the best care.

Why not build a team of health professionals who have your best interest in mind before you have a need to do so?  Be proactive in your health to prevent things from happening before they do. Ensure you are engaging in the activities that will promote your long-term health and vitality.

Teaming up with health providers means finding the ones who can help you in various areas of your life. For example, who do you go to for help with exercise? Who do you ask for dietary advice? Do you have someone to talk to about life issues in general? Now, you may not have any health problems at this moment, and that’s great! However, I feel that everyone should have a few people on their team for preventative reasons.

Some people you might want to consider having on your healthcare team are as follows:

  1. Primary care physician (PCP): A PCP is great at diagnosing conditions and to see for more serious situations that require medical attention. They can advise you in an emergency. They should have a good bedside manner, understand and listen to you. Many licensed MDs also practice integrative medicine.
  2. Naturopathic doctor (ND): These are trained to look for the root cause of a symptom. They can help your body maintain “homeostasis” which is your natural state of balance. Look for someone who understands Western medicine, can supply herbal remedies and understands natural dietary needs. Find a licensed ND here: https://www.naturalmedicinejournal.com/blog/how-choose-naturopathic-doctor.
  3. Chiropractor (DC): Your spine is a junction for your nervous system, with all your nerves running through it. It is common for the sine to become skewed and inflamed, causing nerves to be constricted and malfunctional. Chiropractic care can help maintain spine integrity and optimize body functionality.
  4. Personal Trainer (PT): You may not have one of these, but it’s helpful to know someone whom you can ask questions or if you need to change your routine. Look for someone who can apply different training techniques related to your needs.
  5. Health Coach: They provide dietary and lifestyle coaching. They should understand that health is more than diet. It also encompasses exercise, lifestyle, spirituality, career and self-esteem.

There are others you may want to add, such as a massage therapist, podiatrist, optometrist, psychologist, yoga or Pilates instructor, and herbalist or acupuncturist. The idea is to choose people who will benefit you in the long run, and help you be as happy and healthy as possible.