Ladies, it’s your day

International Women’s Day is a global celebration to celebrate you as a woman and your achievements. This day has been established in 1911 to celebrate women globally. Today, March 8, is a special day when we put the focus on you as a woman.

At PURE: People United Reaching Everyone, we are proud of our community of women entrepreneurs who set an inspirational example for others every day.  We can’t think of a better industry than direct selling where women are empowered to achieve their dreams — and achieving them you are!

Not only are you achieving your dreams, you are sharing them!

The foundation at PURE is based on relationships, and there is no one who facilitates conversations and values relationships better than you do. As mothers, sisters, best friends, veterans, daughters, girlfriends, consumers, wives, neighbors and messengers of Whole Health, you are paving the way for others who share these same values. You don’t just give back … you reach out.

“Conversations are the power that launches transformational products into the world.” – Judith Glaser, author of Conversational Intelligence

You are disrupting the industry with your determination, hard work and attitude by making lives count. You care for others, you help others accomplish their goals and you listen. Collectively, you are the visionary minds that will shape the future of PURE.

Today and every day, know how important you are. Today is your day to feel inspired. Absorb those compliments and do something special for yourself because you deserve it. At PURE, we are proud to call you family.

Do what you do best by making a positive difference in the life of another woman today. Post your #IWD2019 message on social media and help build #BalanceforBetter.