Why PurXcel™? The Benefits Speak for Themselves

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Fast Facts & FAQs

PurXcel delivers effective health benefits that cleanse, balance and build the body.

Every single cell in the body produces glutathione, which is what makes it a crucial aspect of immunity and detoxification. Today’s polluted, high-stress world saps the body’s glutathione stores. Boosting levels back up can keep you healthier, resilient, and more clear-headed.

Wondering if PurXcel is right for you?
Here’s a handy Cheat Sheet to let you know everything you need to about the science behind PurXcel that makes it a must-have in your daily Whole Health routine:

Q:  What does PurXcel do and how does it work?

  • Daily use increases glutathione stores in the body.
  • Targets and combats the negative effectives of oxidative stress and environmental toxins.
  • Helps support and boost the immune system.
  • Promotes healthy aging and overall health.
  • Helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Q:  What are some benefits I might see from using PurXcel?

  • An improved overall feeling and sense of well-being
  • More restful sleep
  • Feeling more energized and focused
  • A more youthful appearance
  • A better ability to handle stress
  • An increased ability to fight environmental stressors, which contribute to the aging process

Q:  What are the 3 ingredients of Triactive Technology?

Glutathione (GSH)
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
Aloe Acemannan

Keep reading to get the scoop on each of these powerful ingredients and how our Triactive Technology goes beyond the glutathione.

Q:  What do SOD and Aloe Acemannan do?

  • Superoxide Dismutase (aka SOD) like glutathione also fights toxins and free radicals in the body. Unlike other SOD supplements, the SOD used Triactive Technology is a bioavailable.
  • Aloe Acemannan acts to support and boost the immune system.

Q:  Why is glutathione important to my health?

Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant system and detoxifier. Daily exposure to free radicals and other toxicants depletes glutathione stores in the body. When we have more toxins and free radicals than our body knows how to handle, our overall health is impacted in many ways. An excess of free radicals and toxicants is also called oxidative stress. The level of glutathione in our body greatly impacts how well we age. Reduced glutathione levels is normal consequence of aging. An important aspect to aging well is to keep our glutathione levels up.

Q:  What can decrease glutathione levels in the body?

  • Normal aging
  • UV radiation
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • Environmental toxins and chemicals
  • Prescription medications

Q:  What makes our glutathione different?

  1. The power of PURE’s proprietary Triactive Technology – glutathione combined with the complementing benefits of SOD and Aloe Acemannan.
  2. PurXcel uses clinically tested levels of all three components found in the Triactive Technology. This drives the maximum effectiveness and benefits from the use of PurXcel.
  3. Unlike the competition, PURE’s glutathione is absorbed in the body. Others never make it past the digestive tract where they are digested and destroyed.
  4. The unique glutathione used in our Triactive Technology has been shown to significantly increase glutathione levels inside the body
  5. PurXcel can help increase the body’s stores of glutathione. Taking 1,000mg/day of PurXcel showed a 30% increase in whole blood, 35% increase in red blood cells and 260% increase in buccal cells glutathione levels.
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Here’s what some users have to say about their results with PurXcel:

  • “I noticed more energy and focus.” – Amanda Y.
  • “I slept like a champ and crushed my workout.” – Amy U.
  • “I noticed more energy.” – Mariel T.
  • “I felt steady energy all day.” – Linda B.
  • “I did not feel as hungry as I usually do after work.” – Dave P.
  • “I felt super energized and clear headed. I was not as hungry as usual.” – Nicole L.
  • “I am feeling stronger, have more stamina and can stay on my feet for longer periods of time. I feel more awake.” – Jan M.
  • “I definitely have more energy. Brain fog is gone and my skin is looking amazing.
    – Alyssa F.

Ingredient Spotlight: MSM

When you hear the word sulfur, you might think of a yellow substance, the smell of rotten eggs or a hot spring. That distinctive smell is from sulfur, or sulfur dioxide, a form of sulfur often used in metallurgy, rubber vulcanization, and petroleum refining. It is toxic to the body.

Methyl-sulfonyl-methane (MSM), on the other hand, is an organic form of sulfur that can be safely digested and absorbed by the body. It is stored in the muscles, skin, bones, nails and hair; however, our body cannot make it. We must get it from food (found naturally in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, poultry, and eggs), or supplements.

MSM is an organic, food-grade sulfur found in all plant and animal tissues. It is white and odorless. It is both a mineral and an element found naturally in the protein of plants, animals and humans. It is necessary for many important functions in the body.*

Organic Sulfur by PURE

Our supplement consists of 99.9% pure distilled MSM sourced in North America, has no added fillers, binders, excipients, artificial ingredients, or flow agents. It is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

“Research shows that Organic Sulfur can help balance inflammatory mediators in the body. When there is imbalance, we are going to have issues,” said Darin Blackhurst, PURE Director of Research and Development and Quality. “Clinical studies show that we are using the right amount in our product, 6 grams a day. The people in the study who took the product actually had an improvement in joint mobility and flexibility.”3

Benefits of MSM:

  • Improves flexibility and mobility by promoting joint function and health.*
  • Can alleviate discomfort that may follow challenging exercise sessions.*
  • Assists with the elimination of cell-damaging free radicals in the body.*
  • Helps promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.*

Ways to take Organic Sulfur

Organic Sulfur is available in both capsule and powder form. Some people may have trouble stomaching the bitter taste of the powder. To make it more palatable, you may want to mix it with GPS Hydrate,  GoYin or even coffee. Or, add a light juice or sweetener to offset the bitterness. The more water you add, the less bitter the taste. Take three capsules twice daily, preferably in the morning and the evening, on an empty stomach; or mix one level teaspoon into warm water or drink of your choice to dissolve crystals and consume.

Is organic sulfur an ingredient in sulfa pharmaceutical drugs?

No. Organic sulfur is a nutrient, a necessary part of natural chemical processes in the body. Sulfa based drugs or sulfites are forms of inorganic sulfur. Sulfa drugs are synthetic; they do not occur naturally. They are used as antibiotics, which in some people cause allergic reactions.3

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Keep calm with schisandra

Schisandra…it’s a bit of a tongue twister if you say it fast enough. Schisandra is actually an herb derived from the fruit of a vine native to China and Russia. It is sometimes referred to as “five flavor berry” because its taste captures the five major flavors – sweet, sour salty, bitter, and spicy.1

The fruit produced by the schisandra plant has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat indigestion, and other health problems, and enhance strength and stamina. 1 We use this unique ingredient in our GoYin Balancing Blend for its adaptogenic properties. Schisandra helps increase the body’s resistance to stress, while calming the nervous system. It also helps increase energy, physical performance and endurance.

In traditional Chinese medicine, schisandra is also used to promote healthy aging, normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure, and stimulating the immune system. According to the Memorial Sloan Cancer Institute, schisandra has antioxidant activity, which means it can neutralize free radicals that can cause cellular and genetic damage.2

How does schisandra work?

The chemicals in schisandra stimulate enzymes (proteins that speed up biochemical reactions). This is important because certain processes, one of which is increased absorption of nutrients, help the body function properly. These chemicals may also help the body have more energy, resulting in improved endurance and coordination.3

Get up and GoYin

Goyin Balancing Blend contains 16 botanical herbal extracts, including schisandra, to help people balance their mood and stress levels. GoYin is a CORE4 product, a delicious drink that can help balance mood and stress levels. GoYin was traditionally used to help reduce the impact of stress on the body and mind while enhancing overall well-being.*

GoYin Balancing Blend:

  • Made with a proprietary blend of fruits and herbs, including schisandra, astragalus, jujube date, gac, hawthorn, tangerine, and ginger to help provide balance, based on traditional Asian herbal practices.
  • Delivers a good source of vitamins B6 and B12. B6 is essential for the production of energy in the body from the food we eat. B12 is necessary for building important cell structures in the body, including DNA and hormones.
  • Vegan, made with natural ingredients.
  • In a clinical study, Goyin was shown to improve overall feelings of vigor and well-being, and decreased feelings of gloom, tension, and fatigue.*

Listen to the PURE Product Spotlight on GoYin where Blackhurst, Director of Research and Development, Carmen Keith, M.D., and Amy Perez, PURE IBO explain why GoYin is such an essential part of your daily routine.

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Spotlight on Euphoria Longan fruit

Take a look at a bottle of GoYin and you’ll notice the first ingredient listed is the Euphoria longan fruit, and rightly so. This exotic superfruit has long been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) used to support energy and immune function and reduce stress. As one of our Foundation products, GoYin is a balancing blend of superfruits, herbs and botanicals that helps decrease feelings of gloom and enhance overall well-being.* You might say GoYin can help produce a state of euphoria.

The tasty and exotic longan fruit is consumed all over Asia, where crops are grown. It is very similar in appearance to the lychee fruit with a thin, bark-like shell and translucent fruit. Its hard, black seed can be seen through the fruit’s flesh, giving the fruit the illusion of an eye. In Cantonese, longan literally means “dragon eye”.

Longan fruit contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, as well as vitamins A and C, contributing to GoYin’s powerful adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. A study from the National Institutes of Health found that the fruit is rich in phytochemicals and may enhance learning and memory.2 Longan fruit has been used in TCM to support energy and immune function, reduce stress, improve memory and give skin a glow.1

GoYin Balancing Blend:

  • Is made with a proprietary blend of fruits and herbs, including astragalus, jujube date, gac, hawthorn, schisandra, tangerine, and ginger to help provide balance, based on traditional Asian herbal practices.
  • Delivers a good source of vitamins B6 and B12. B6 is essential for the production of energy in the body from the food we eat. B12 is necessary for building important cell structures in the body, including DNA and hormones.
  • Vegan, made with natural ingredients
  • In a preliminary study of 100 healthy, stressed individuals, GoYin improved overall feelings of vigor and well-being, and decreased feelings of gloom, tension, and fatigue.* Read the study here.

Try GoYin today and share it with others so they may experience that euphoric state of well-being and happiness. Adding GoYin Balancing Blend to your daily routine gives your body a strong foundation upon which to achieve Whole Health.

Learn more about GoYin at livepure.com and order your bottle(s) today. Email SalesSupport@livepure.com or contact us at 866-535-5888 for assistance.

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