Shark Week: You must have a vision

As Shark Week comes to an end, let’s look at one more thing that makes sharks so unique — their incredible senses! They have eight senses, three more than we have, making them super sensitive, so to speak! These are sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, lateral line (pressure sensors), pit organs and Lorenzini (or electrosenses).

To give you an idea of how incredible their senses are, sharks can amplify light better than night-hunting mammals, they can smell 10,000 times better than humans and they can locate their prey over several hundred meters.1 Now as far as a sense of humor, I would have to argue if they have one!

I think we often take our five senses for granted but think about them for a second and see how crucial they are to achieving success. We’ve talked about the importance of being curious, having agility and setting goals when you lead a team. Using our five senses is about putting these gifts all together and balancing them to maximize success.

  1. Vision: You can’t lead without vision, period. Having a vision pushes you forward, it helps you feel connected to your goal and to others, and it helps you see into the future and what your next actions need to be. “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” – Jack Welch
  2. Smell: We don’t just communicate via language or vision. We all have something called pheromones, or chemicals that are emitted by our skin. According to Martha McClintock, University of Chicago, inhaling another person’s sweat, for instance, can affect our emotions and how the brain functions.2 Our smell is the strongest of our senses and it can lead with a great impression as well as an impression after you leave. Our very presence can be powerful. “Smell is the mute sense, the one without words.” – Diane Ackerman
  3. Touch: We touch the lives of our customers, our family and our friends in so many ways. Touching others is about having empathy and the ability to create lasting relationships. “If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life.” – Anonymous
  4. Taste: Have you ever tasted success? Taste is a unique sense and is hard to explain in words. Taste leaves memories, just as food does. Have you seen something done in bad taste? Do you taste your words before you speak them? “A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart.” – Henry Fielding
  5. Hearing: Are you a good listener? The power of listening is valuable! It is about being tentative and perceptive. It’s also the way we sound. Have you ever heard a speech and felt excited and engaged? What does a good speaker convey and how do they do it? “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker

Now that you are sensitized to these wonderful gifts, use them in your daily life. Your ability as a leader depends on them. Identify traits and characteristics of leaders and influencers across the organization and emulate them. However, remember to be uniquely you! Set yourself on the path to becoming everything you can and want to become.

“When you start using the senses you’ve neglected, your reward is to see the world with completely fresh eyes.” – Barbara Sher



Shark Week: Focus on your goals

The Tiger shark is very goal oriented. It knows exactly what it wants, and it goes after it. Ecologists found that tiger sharks hunt by using “directed walks”; they navigate long distances across open ocean, often at night, to specific locations. They seem to know exactly where they are going.1

Where are you going, exactly? What is your destination and how are you going to get there? Will you use a map, will you change your habits or will you create a business plan? I remember walking the streets in New York City with my husband. We didn’t have a map and were using our poor sense of direction to find the museum we had come to visit. We walked aimlessly, arguing along the way about which left or right to make. One hour turned into three hours before we arrived at our museum. If we had set specific goals, had used a map and had planned the night before, we would have saved a lot of steps on our journey.  Not planning is unusual for us, but hey, it happens! We did have a goal in mind but went all about it the wrong way.

I’m sure you know the importance of goal setting, but I think oftentimes we fail to do it (like the above example). Why? Because we fear it or we think we don’t need it. Perhaps the wrong goals are being set or we’ve failed reaching our goals in the past and, therefore, think they’re impossible to achieve.

Whatever the reason, it’s almost impossible to succeed in network marketing without a plan. Ask yourself what you really want from your business and yourself. Clearly envision where you want to go and what you want to achieve. The journey will take you out of your comfort zone, but creating goals really works!

How can you become more goal oriented?

  • Create a plan. This will make you proactive, versus reactive. Purchase a journal or a notebook and set it on your bedside table. Spend each morning writing down what you want to accomplish for the day, for the week, for the month. Your list might include one big goal, long-term and short-term goals, what your environment looks like, how others can help, the importance of your goal, how you will reward yourself and what habits will help you along the way.
  • Create a schedule. Use a calendar or a to-do list to schedule time with yourself. What are your actions going to be for the day? Write down tasks that you want to act on, and when.
  • Build relationships. Find people to grow your network. Hang out with people who are also goal-oriented. They will talk about their passions and their dreams and how they are going to realize them. Being around goal-oriented people will positively influence the way you think. Entrepreneur Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”2
  • Get excited about your goal. It’s something new to focus on, and focus develops motivation. It’s all about moving in a positive direction. This new endeavor of yours is exciting, embrace it with all you’ve got!
  • Review your progress. Out of sight is out of mind, and you don’t want that. You must be close to the tasks at hand, and the goal. Seeing yourself progress will motivate you to keep pushing through.

Goal setting doesn’t just apply to your business, it applies to your life as well. And, it isn’t hard. If the Tiger shark can do it…

We could never navigate dark oceans (unless you’re in a submarine), but we can focus on a target rather than waste energy moving aimlessly. Focus now and shoot for it!




Shark Week: Improve your agility

The Mako shark is known as the peregrine falcon of the sharks as it’s one of the fastest swimmers. It can reach up to 31 miles per hour with bursts of up to 46 miles per hour. It can jump up to heights of more than 25-30 feet.It even resembles a torpedo. This is one fast fish!

Shark experts have found the Mako to be one of the fastest-learning sharks, too. When hunting, they mostly rely on their vision, rather than electroreception (the ability to detect electrical currents). 2

The Mako shark is known as the peregrine falcon of the sharks as it’s one of the fastest swimmers. It can reach up to 31 miles per hour with bursts of up to 46 miles per hour. It can jump up to heights of more than 25-30 feet.It even resembles a torpedo. This is one fast fish!

Shark experts have found the Mako to be one of the fastest-learning sharks, too. They have the largest brain-to-body ratio of all sharks, with strong critical reasoning and social skills. When hunting, they mostly rely on their vision, rather than electroreception (the ability to detect electrical currents). 2

Leaders must be fast, too.

It’s important to be agile in decision making. You must be flexible and adaptable as well. Your customers’ needs are changing all the time and it’s necessary to be able to adjust your strategy to deliver greater customer value. Slow and steady may win the race, but when you’re moving fast to solve a problem or responding to someone’s needs, the fastest will win in the end.

Trust your intuition. It’s that feeling you get, that sudden move you make, and that voice that tells you the truth that can help you make smarter, faster decisions. General George S. Patton said, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

You must be flexible. Can you look at the big picture, break it down and execute it efficiently? Can you see where adjustments should be made to prevent wasting time? Are you able to let go of what doesn’t work? You should be able to think on your feet and be productive at the same time.

You must be adaptable. This goes along with being flexible. Our environment is always changing, and you’ll face challenges every day. What worked yesterday won’t always be right for today, or tomorrow. Be open to new ideas and concepts. Juggling multiple projects with ease is important.

You must listen well. Be present for your team and hear the challenges they’re facing. Listen deeply and ask questions so you can help them help themselves solve their problems.

Navigate like the Mako, have a desire for speed and knowledge and get ready to launch your business like a rocket!




Shark Week: Have a voracious curiosity

The Great White shark, a.k.a. “Jaws”, is a very curious creature. They set their minds on what they want, and they usually get it. You may be happy to note that humans are not on their menu. If they take a bite out of someone, it is simply out of curiosity (or self-defense).

Be curious! It benefits leaders greatly as it opens doors and creates possibilities. Like the Great White, we shouldn’t judge nor fear, and we must stay focused. To lead successfully requires finding new solutions, new ways to motivate people and new ways to think. The curious never stop, even when they think they have found a solution. Like the Great White, they are relentless.

Take Steve Jobs, for example, who had an intense focus. He wanted all his products to not only work well, but to be attractive. If you’ve ever watched the documentary, “Steve Jobs: One Last Thing,” you’ll realize that the secret to his success was his curiosity. He had a voracious appetite for learning. He wasn’t afraid of being wrong either, because he knew that was the best way to learn.

Curiosity requires confidence. And, who doesn’t have more confidence than the Great White? Leaders know they don’t have all the answers, and they’re not afraid to admit it. They ask questions constantly, finding out the who, what, how, why and where of everything. Ask the right questions and you’ll stay on track.

So, how can you enhance that spirit of curiosity?

Curious people read a lot. By opening a book, you learn from other people, you see different perspectives and you gain new ideas. Ask yourself what your interests are, then browse books on those subjects. You can also listen to books on tape when you’re driving, or find an interesting podcast or two to follow.

Ask all kinds of questions, even if you think they’re dumb. What you think is dumb may reveal a lot of answers. Ask your customers what their favorite interests and their goals are. This will get you far!

 Curiosity – your future depends on it. As for the Great White, its life depends on it.

It’s Shark Week!

Da-Dum…Da-Dum…Da-Dum-Da-Dum-Da-Dum! It’s Shark Week!

Does the mention of sharks send shivers down your spine, or does it send you fishing for information about these incredible creatures? The latter, we hope. The things you can learn from sharks can be invaluable to the success of your PURE business.

Some sharks work in teams, others have great vision, they are all agile, goal oriented, and they are very curious — characteristics of all great industry leaders. An ocean without sharks is a scary place, just as a business without leaders can be frightening. Without sharks, our lives would change, perhaps drastically. For instance, seafood delicacies like scallops would become extinct as sharks eat their predators. Also, sharks have highly developed immune systems, which may lead to preventative treatments for human diseases.

Each day this week, we’re going to dive into the characteristics of sharks and what we can learn from them. Our fincredible lineup starts with the distinctive Hammerhead.

The Hammerhead shark is privy to teamwork! It enjoys traveling in schools, often having up to 500 members! Each group has a social structure that determines dominance according to size, age and sex. Staying in groups may help protect them against larger predators and it increases their chances of finding food.1 These sharks have a connection, so to speak, and they trust each other. The proof is in their numbers.

Teamwork is the most vital skill in any industry. In the July PURE newsletter, Daren Hogge, PURE CEO, shared how success cannot be achieved alone (one is a lonely number). We all have a team behind us, cheering us on. Teamwork really does make the dream work. It promotes a sense of achievement and motivation. It maximizes everyone’s strengths and is complimented by the strengths of others.

The Hammerhead surrounds itself with proficiency, and so should you. Together, the team contributes to the whole. Teams embrace a common vision and common goals. As John C. Maxwell said, “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.”

Teamwork is second nature to the Hammerhead, it should be natural to us, too.



It’s Shark Week — make no bones about it

We’re celebrating Shark Week at PURE! For all the fans of these incredible fish, did you know that humans have some “shark” in them?

For one, sharks have almost the exact same eyes as we do, with retinas that contain both rod and cone cells.1 Two, we both have cartilage in our bodies, a very important and necessary structural component.

Sharks are all cartilage. In fact, there is not one bone in their body. Zero! Cartilage, or connective tissue made of protein and elastin fibers, makes up their thick skin. Their muscles are attached directly to these fibers.This lightweight, external skeleton provides support, yet allows for flexibility so they can swim faster, evade predators and swiftly catch their prey.

In humans, cartilage provides cushioning between our bones, specifically our elbows, knees and ankles. Think of it as “shark absorbers”! Our ears and the end of our nose are made of cartilage. There is cartilage at the ends of our ribs, between the vertebrae in our spine and in our bronchial tubes. Unfortunately, it takes years to rebuild and repair cartilage, simply because it does not have its own blood supply to provide regeneration, as other tissues do.

Add Organic Sulfur to your daily regimen to support joint health.* For exercise, swimming is one of the best low-impact forms you can do for joint health. Just don’t go swimming with the sharks, unless you’re swimming from the safety of a shark cage!

You and organic sulfur are a joint effort.

Organic Sulfur by PURE is important in collagen production.* Organic sulfur is both a mineral and an element and is naturally found in the protein of plants, animals and humans. The body cannot make sulfur on its own; therefore, it must be obtained from a variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables and grains.

The ingredient, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), is a naturally occurring dietary form of sulfur, and is necessary for many important functions in the body. Organic Sulfur contains 99.9% of this form of sulfur.

Organic Sulfur:

  • Is important in collagen production, the main supportive protein of tendons, cartilage, connective tissue and bone*
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