Reuse those empty bottles and packaging

Let’s make an extra effort to upcycle our PURE packaging this Earth Day. It can be a fun thing for the family to do and it helps reduce our environmental footprint.

Think about how much you recycle daily. Each week, my recycling bin fills up before the week is even over. Recycling is a must; it’s the first step in reaching sustainability. Through recycling, products are broken down into raw materials to be made into new things.

Another great alternative to recycling to upcycling, or repurposing the old. Upcycling  keeps waste from entering our landfills and reduces the amount of CO2 entering our atmosphere that happens when we use resources to create new products. It can also save you money.

Check out these creative ways to upcycle our PURE packaging.

Glass bottles (GoYin and superfruits):

  • Paint it and use as a vase.
  • Fill with sand or shells for decorative purposes.
  • Store lentils or rice and top with a cork.
  • Insert a candlestick for decoration.

Bags (ENERGY, Shakes and GPS):

  • Shred or cut into strips and use as cushioning when packaging gifts in boxes.

Tubs (ENERGY, Organic Sulfur):

  • Use to hold small screws and nails.
  • Create planters for flowers or herbs.
  • Make organizers for a bathroom, kitchen or workbench.
  • Organize kids pencil and pen organizer.
  • Make a piggie bank.

Small bottles (Metabolic ONE, Organic Sulfur):

  • Storage, storage, storage.
  • Create soap bottles. All you need is a twist-on dispenser spout.
  • Create a spice organizer.

Large bottles (CalciuMK+ and Daily Build Liquid):

  • Make a bird feeder and help nature at the same time. Puncture sides and add sticks for landing places. Attach rope and fill with birdseed.
  • Create a drip feeder to use for irrigation. Puncture with holes and place underground, near a plant, slightly above the soil surface.

Spray bottles:

  • Mix water with essential oils and refresh the air.
  • Fill with weed repellant, undiluted white vinegar and spray away.
  • Store glass cleaner: Mix ¼ cup rubbing alcohol, ¼ cup distilled white vinegar, 1 Tablespoon cornstarch, 2 cups warm water and 10-15 drops essential oil.
  • Fill with an insect repellent – 2 Tablespoons witch hazel, 2 Tablespoons olive oil, ½ teaspoon vodka and 100 drops essential oil.
  • Wash your produce with 1 part vinegar and three parts water.
  • Fill it with windshield cleaner and keep in your car.

What will you do with your empty PURE packaging? Send us your ideas.

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